Established in 1983 as a small business, Tolent is now one of the largest construction companies in the North East. They work in partnership with their clients to deliver quality projects in a non-adversarial way.

Our work with Tolent

We first started working with Tolent in 2022, when the business was looking for a specialist bid recruitment agency to support them in replacing headcount in their proposals team. So far, we have worked with Tolent to find them a Proposals Writer.

Why work with specialist bids and proposals recruiters? 

Tolent has a work-winning function made up of a bids team and a proposals team. It’s rare that their internal recruitment team have to recruit these roles and needed the support of a specialist bids and proposals recruiter to identify top bids talent for the business.

Bid recruitment consultant, Stuart Watson, specialises in recruiting for construction and infrastructure businesses, meaning that he was best positioned to lead this particular search. Stuart was able to leverage his network and expertise in the industry and skill set to find Tolent’s ideal candidate. 

Recruiting for a Proposals Writer job

The original brief was for a Proposals Manager but due to the limited talent pool in Gateshead, where the business is located, they were unable to find a candidate with the right amount of experience to take on the role. As a result, Stuart worked with Tolent to refine the brief, which expanded the search to find a niche skill set. The business required a candidate who had strong writing experience, and so the role transitioned into a Proposals Writer. 

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We’re really proud of the work that we have achieved with Tolent and look forward to continuing to support the business whenever they need to recruit for proposals and bid management jobs.

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