How do you build a successful marketing team as a new Chief Marketing Officer?

Chief Marketing Officer at Summize, Laura Proctor, shares how to build a successful marketing team as a new CMO.TranscriptSo in terms of building a ...

Chief Marketing Officer at Summize, Laura Proctor, shares how to build a successful marketing team as a new CMO.


So in terms of building a team, I think firstly, when you're new into the role, it's important to understand the people that are in the team, why they're there, and what their responsibilities are. So I think you have a job to do to assess whether they're the right people and whether they're in the right roles. 

The way I do that is to hold '"getting to know you" sessions where I present a lot of information about me in and out of work, goals, aspirations, personal values, and I expect the same from them in return so you can see whether there's a value fit. I think that's job number one. 

And then the second thing is just creating real clear areas of responsibility, making sure that you know which areas are covered and what people are accountable for, and then you can very quickly see the gaps. So, I think once you get have those two things, you know which roles you need to fill and you know the types of people that would fit the culture of the organisation. That's really the first step in scaling the team around you.

About Laura Proctor

Laura Proctor is a creative and commercial B2B marketing leader specialising in fast-paced, scale up environments. Laura has built up her marketing career over 20 years, focussing mainly in the Manchester technology sector. She has progressed to leading global teams, but remain hands-on in her current role as Chief Marketing Officer at Summize. Laura believes in leading by example, getting stuck into content creation, product messaging workshops, events and campaigns, creative direction, and PR. 

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