What challenges do you face as a Chief Marketing Officer?

Chief Marketing Officer, Sarah Geary, shares some of the challenges that come with the CMO job title.TranscriptI think it's twofold. I think you've ...

Chief Marketing Officer, Sarah Geary, shares some of the challenges that come with the CMO job title.


I think it's twofold. I think you've got the work demands and challenges and the life demands and challenges as you do, I suppose, with all roles, but it's a real juggle, I think. And so for me, it's always looking at effort versus impact. 

So are you focusing your attention into the right areas that are going to have the biggest impact? That can change minute to minute, day to day, week to week. So it's always asking yourself that question, I suppose. 

The other big thing in regards to demands is the work-life balance. For me, it's again, work is hugely important to me and obviously coming into a senior role, you have to understand that you're going to have to put in the work where it's needed, but also not to the detriment of yourself or your family. So I think it's constantly trying to balance all those aspects.

About Sarah Geary

Sarah Geary is an established marketeer with over two years of hands on Channel Sales experience. With time spent throughout all levels of the channel, Sarah has gained a proficient understanding of strategic planning and tactical execution. From a varied role in Distribution, EMEA responsibilities at a vendor and contracting wok at a reseller partner, she is perfectly positioned to provide a solid and unbiased view of the channel.

Sarah prides herself on cutting through the noise of the complex IT landscape, questioning the assumptions that many make and translating these in to clear, methodical, executional programs and plans.

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