What makes a successful Chief Marketing Officer?

Chief Marketing Officer at Summize, Laura Proctor, shares what she believes makes a successful CMO.This interview took place at our 'How to beco...

Chief Marketing Officer at Summize, Laura Proctor, shares what she believes makes a successful CMO.

This interview took place at our 'How to become a Chief Marketing Officer in the tech industry' event on 20th March, 2024.


So, the core attributes of a successful CMO, for me, I think you need to find that balance between being creative and analytical, which is a real skill in itself. Because I think you have to be the ideas person, you have to be a creative problem solver, but you absolutely have to have a grip on the numbers - particularly when dealing with investors, board, and budget. So I think it's the combination of those two things and also having a strength in one particular area of marketing. 

You know, we talk about this T-shaped marketeer, so the idea that you are deep in one subject, but you have enough knowledge to go broad across them all. So I think it's the breadth of knowledge, the sort of balance in the personality types and traits, and also being a great people leader. That's super important as well.

About Laura Proctor

Laura Proctor is a creative and commercial B2B marketing leader specialising in fast-paced, scale up environments. Laura has built up her marketing career over 20 years, focussing mainly in the Manchester technology sector. She has progressed to leading global teams, but remain hands-on in her current role as Chief Marketing Officer at Summize. Laura believes in leading by example, getting stuck into content creation, product messaging workshops, events and campaigns, creative direction, and PR. 

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