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At 3Search, we're dedicated to ensuring that top companies find the best talent for their di...

At 3Search, we're dedicated to ensuring that top companies find the best talent for their digital marketing jobs, but we also want to play a part in supporting people with far more barriers to overcome. This is why we have decided to partner with Beam.

Our digital marketing recruitment director, Michael Judkins, was inspired by Alex Stephany and his story to start Beam in 2020. A year that has seen many people struggle and find themselves homeless as a result of the pandemic. We felt that it was a great cause to support, tying nicely into the work that we do as a recruitment agency on a daily basis.

As a growing business, we believe we have a responsibility to give back to the community and help those less able. We want to make recruitment more sustainable and through our work, we believe this is a great opportunity to do so.

What does Beam do?

Currently operating in London and Greater Manchester, Beam is the world’s first platform that crowdfunds training for homeless people and supports them into stable work.

The platform successfully crowdfunds new career opportunities and provides them with a support network made up of support specialists and kind strangers who fund their campaigns.

Each person on Beam is referred to them by an established homeless charity or their local council. They give them a dedicated support specialist - a Beam employee who supports them all the way into their new career!

The support specialists first conduct basic security checks to make sure the referred person is mentally and physically ready to enter full-time employment. After that, they help each person develop a tailored career plan, building on their unique strengths and interests.

So far, they have helped over 200 people regain their independence.

Find out more about Beam from their CEO, Alex Stephany, here:

How will 3Search help?

3Search will make a donation to Beam for every candidate we get started in a new job.

This means that whenever you use our digital marketing recruitment services, you will also be supporting homeless individuals to secure their futures. Find out about the people 3Search and our clients are supporting, by checking out our 3Search's Impact on Beam!

We also hope to run events throughout the year to support the charity. For more information and future updates, keep an eye on our LinkedIn page.

How can you help further?

Any donation, big or small. is greatly appreciated.

If you'd like to get involved yourself and help to support the vital work that Beam do, you can donate by:

If you know someone who Beam can help, you can refer them here https://beam.org/refer. It only takes 2 minutes!

Where will the money go?

"I've been clean nearly a year, I'm healthy, and I've got my relationship back with my family."

Your generous contribution will go towards helping homeless people to reclaim their lives and rebuild their future.

100% of your donation goes towards removing financial barriers for the people you support. Beam does not pay their employees out of your funding without you approving it. You can choose to make a contribution to their award-winning support when you donate.

Beam will transparently keep you in the loop about how the people you support are getting on.

Read some of their success stories here: https://beam.org/stories

Beam believes in the power of collaboration. Solving a problem as big and complex and homelessness requires us all to work together. That means government, central and local. It means charities, big and small. It means social enterprises, tech startups and employers. And most importantly –- it means you too. With Beam, you can help someone start a new career and leave homelessness for good.

Thank you.

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