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OUR WORK WITH BEAM: JULY UPDATEWe have been continually working alongside the crowdfunding p...


We have been continually working alongside the crowdfunding platform Beam to support homeless people across the country as they search for stable work.

Through the donations we have made each time we place one of our candidates into a new role, we’ve been able to make a real difference during our partnership with Beam.

Take a look below at this month’s amazing accomplishments with Beam.

Our Impact

Throughout July, we are delighted to announce that we have managed to raise a whopping total of £1,700! This is a number that we are very proud of – and one which we would not be able to reach without our incredible clients and team members who put in the work to make this possible.

This is part of a continuous relationship we have with Beam that we are constantly growing and making stronger. It means a great deal to us to see how many people we have helped since the very start!

Reece, Kateryna and Nathan are three of the individuals who have received donations from us this month, all of them on the road to getting one huge step closer to reaching their various goals.

It makes us incredibly happy that we have the opportunity to improve the lives of homeless people within our community, as they deserve to lead the lives they dream of just the same as everybody else. To see just how much of an impact these donations have made, here are some of the stories from individuals 3search has supported in July.

Reece’s Story

Living with his partner and child in an overcrowded hostel after being kicked out of his family home, Reece was struggling both mentally and physically to continue living in the situation he was in.

Hearing the recent news that he was expecting a baby was the driving force to motivate Reece to get back into employment to provide for his growing family and give them the best quality of life possible.

Not having the technology or resources to efficiently job hunt himself, support and donations from Beam have enabled Reece to speed up this tedious process, hopefully giving him various employment opportunities within the hospitality or logistics sectors!

Kateryna’s Story

With events including Russia invading Ukraine, COVID-19 and personal health problems, Kateryna was forced to travel to the UK with her son to find hope in her future.

Despite all of this, Kateryna has remained positive and focused on her future. Her son is the pinnacle of her motivation to get by, alongside speaking to her parents back in Ukraine, swimming, yoga and cycling.

With the help of kind support and donations through Beam, Kateryna has got somewhere safe to live and is looking forward to regaining job stability again in the very near future.

Nathan’s Story

A few years ago, Nathan was diagnosed with PTSD and has battled with his mental health ever since. Leaving his home, living in hostels and eventually ending up on the streets, Nathan knew it was time to take the first step to get help.

Knowing he won’t have to worry about his living situation any longer has taken away a lot of stress for Nathan. This will mean he will be able to focus on improving his mental health further and be in a much happier place both physically and mentally, which is all thanks to the generous donations to his Beam campaign.

Knowing there are people who want to help out makes Nathan feel happy, grateful and very appreciative.

A huge thank you to our clients for redeeming their gift cards and helping to bring these donations to those who really need them.

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