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Before 2020, video interviews were rare but now they’re all the rage and, arguably, the ...

Before 2020, video interviews were rare but now they’re all the rage and, arguably, the Future of Recruitment!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the hiring process has become remote. You'll likely be asked to participate in a video interview for the foreseeable future, so here are some tips to help you prepare for any upcoming interviews.

  1.  Come prepared!

Treat this like any other interview and make sure you do your research. Learn as much about the company and the role as possible.

Take a look at their LinkedIn/Twitter pages or have a browse around their website. Plus, make sure you know exactly what the role entails. Take a look back on the job advert from when you initially applied. This will help you tailor your answers and also prepare any questions you might have for the interviewer.

It may be helpful for you to have these open during your interview, but make sure not to become distracted by the open browser. Stay present in the conversation.

  1.  Practice makes perfect

Learning how to turn your mic and camera on may seem simple, but sometimes technology just doesn’t want to work in your favour.

Of course, sometimes technology can fail us. Ask your interviewer for a number/email address that you can reach them on if you encounter problems on the day.

To complicate things, different companies use different platforms for interviewing candidates. Since there are so many video conferencing apps to choose from, make sure that you know which you’ll be using for your interview...

  • Skype
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Zoom
  • Google Meet

It's important that everything is downloaded and updated. If possible, ask a friend to call you for a practice run. Having them check the microphone and picture quality will ease some stress on the day and help you stay calm and collected.

Furthermore, learning the platform will make joining the company stress-free! Remote working is the new normal, so you may be working from home for a while.

  1.  Have you got everything?

This may sound silly, but make sure you have everything with you that you would normally take to an interview.

  • A notepad and pen – taking notes can be noisy on a keyboard and you may look distracted. Remember, the interviewer cannot see what you are doing on your screen
  • A glass of water – you may be talking for some time, make sure to stay hydrated during those lengthy answers. If you need some thinking time, take a sip of water to buy a couple extra seconds.
  • Notes – having done your research you will probably have some points that you will want to talk about. Have these nearby so you don’t miss anything.
  • Charger – you definitely don’t want your device running out of battery mid-interview. Make sure it’s plugged in and charging throughout.
  • Headphones/microphone – make sure you have all the equipment you may need with you. During your test run, you should determine if headphones are required.

  1.  Look the part

Please, please, please don’t wear pyjama bottoms! I know it’s very tempting but choose professionalism over comfort.  You may think the interviewer can only see your face, but if this changes during your interview, you’ll want to look office-ready.

Many companies have dress codes, so try to find guidance before your interview. It's much easier for the interviewer to picture you as the perfect employee if you already look the part.

  1.  Location, location, location

Tip number four also applies to location.

You need to be sat somewhere that doesn’t draw the interviewer’s focus away from you. A plain and bright wall would be the perfect backdrop. Plus, make sure you can be seen! Try to sit facing a window, instead of having it behind you to prevent glare on the camera. 

Your background will also say a lot about your character. A tidy and professional setting will let the interviewer know that you pay attention to detail. If this isn’t available to you, check the video conferencing app that you’re using. Some include a handy tool that can blur your background.

This is where tip number two comes in handy. During your practice run, check your background is professional and practical.

If you share your home with others (including pets), you should also consider their whereabouts when choosing a location for your interview.

Noise can be distracting to both you and the interviewer, so aim for a quieter area of the house. Of course, this may not be entirely possible, and if you're interrupted simply apologise and explain the situation. It's likely that they have or are also working from home and should understand the circumstances.

Hopefully, these tips will make you feel more confident with this interview style. If you have one coming up or if you’re here to ease some stress, good luck!


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