Video Interviews - The Future of Recruitment

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Video calls – a staple of the global pandemic and the key to recruitment in a very difficult...

Video calls – a staple of the global pandemic and the key to recruitment in a very difficult time.

Meeting candidates face to face and introducing them to the office is key to recruitment. Once this is all over, we’re obviously going to kiss remote interviews goodbye, right?


Video interviews are the future of recruitment! Read on to find out why you should use video interviews in your future recruitment processes.


  1. No More Scheduling Issues

Scheduling can be one of the biggest issues when it comes to interviewing candidates. Booking in time with several candidates and putting together a panel can be difficult at the best of times. It’s time-consuming and stressful.

We all know that video calls are easier to book into the diary, especially with most companies opting to continue flexible working and WFH. 

Plus, you can more easily split interviews up over several days. Have other work to do? Other meetings to attend?


  1. Less Pressure on Candidates

Here at 3Search, we believe in creating a level-playing field for all candidates, which might mean adapting interview processes to ensure that everyone has a fair chance at getting the job.

Some candidates feel more comfortable in their own environments compared to an office building they've never visited before. Many are more likely to excel in their interview if it’s conducted remotely. Interviewing in this way will give you a clearer picture of who they are and how they could fit into your business without pressure, nerves or anxieties interfering.

Even if you would prefer to meet in person, keeping video interviews as an option for candidates is always a good idea.


  1. Reach Passive Candidates

Interviewing remotely is ten times easier for candidates than coming into the office. There’s no chance of them getting on the wrong train and being an hour late for starters…

Putting it simply, candidates are far more likely to attend an interview if they’re not having to pay out for travel, accommodation and food or book time off work.

Not only does this allow you to reach passive candidates, but it also allows you to interview those who would prefer to work remotely. Flexible working is a benefit that many now look for in a future employer, so this is definitely something to consider.


  1. Greener Recruitment

Looking to reduce your carbon footprint? Removing the need for candidates to travel to meet you in person does exactly that!

If interviewing remotely is going to making a dent in your carbon footprint, be sure to shout about it! It’s a great way to improve candidates’ experience of your company and will make them feel involved in your journey from the outset.

Having recycling bins in the office is great and all, but here you’re taking action and making a real effort to make a difference.


  1. Find Hidden Talent

You know what you can’t do in person and would be a little bit creepy if you did? Film your candidates. On Zoom, however, it’s totally acceptable!

There are a few reasons why you’d want to do this, such as:

  • When you spend your entire day interviewing candidates, some amazing talent might slip through the cracks. Recording each interview allows you to replay every interaction.
  • Plus, you can review the interviews with a colleague who wasn’t able to join the call. They may be able to offer some new insight that you hadn’t initially thought of.

Just make sure to ask permission and explain your purpose before hitting the record button.


  1. Communication Skills

While the New Normal may not be as drastic as we first thought, there has certainly been a shift in how we conduct business. We’re likely to continue working digitally for the foreseeable future in several capacities.

By conducting interviews over a video call, you can get a better sense of candidates’ communication skills.

This is an especially good idea if the role will be working closely with external agencies.

Of course, video interviews can never completely replace in-person interviews, but they’re certainly a good starting point.

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