7 benefits of working with a marketing recruitment agency

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So, you've identified a gap in your marketing team. What are your next steps to finding the ...

So, you've identified a gap in your marketing team. What are your next steps to finding the right person for the job? You could advertise the role on job boards and social media, hoping the right candidate will apply. Or you could partner with a specialist marketing recruiter.

Recruiters simplify recruitment, helping you quickly and efficiently hire the right person for your team. Plus, there are a number of extra benefits to working with a consultant during your talent search. Read on for the top 7 benefits of a marketing recruitment agency.


1) Reach high quality candidates 

Are you struggling to find the right candidate for your marketing team? Perhaps you're searching for a niche skill set within a small talent pool? Our consultants are already in contact with the expert you need.


Access extensive networks of qualified marketers

When you partner with a specialist you'll access high quality, qualified candidates - no matter the role. As experts in the space, marketing recruiters are deeply networked across the sector. They're already in contact with excellent candidates who would be a great fit for your business.


Find passive candidates

If you're looking for options outside of their networks, recruiters are uniquely positioned to gain referrals. Candidates will often share which of their past or present colleagues are passively searching for their next role. 


2) Save time and resource 

Does your Head of Marketing or Marketing Director have time to dedicate to a lengthy talent search? The answer is likely to be "no". Our 2023 hiring report revealed that one key hiring challenge is that marketing and HR leaders are increasingly time poor.


Effectively advertise marketing jobs

Not only are recruiters well networked, but they also have access to several different channels to advertise marketing jobs. Marketing recruitment agencies heavily invest in technology to ensure as many people as possible see your vacancy. 

Combined with their strong networks, you're sure to make your new hire quickly and efficiently. A fast recruitment process creates a strong candidate experience and allows your Marketing Directors to focus on marketing.


3) Management of the entire recruitment process

Recruitment consultants do not simply deliver a list of CVs, they manage the full hiring process. From sourcing qualified candidates through to making the job offer, recruiters coordinate all communication between employers and potential candidates. This includes:

  • Organising in-person and video interviews
  • Communicating interview tasks and answering questions
  • Providing feedback to rejected candidates to deliver a good experience for all

As above, this frees up your Head of Marketing or Marketing Director to focus on their core responsibilities.


4) Latest recruitment knowledge

Are you uncertain on your hiring requirements? Perhaps you're recruiting a CRM Manager for the first time and aren't sure on the profile you should be looking for. Or, you might even be able to secure a more senior candidate for the same budget and not even know it.

Recruitment consultants are able to improve your hiring plans, unlocking new opportunities that you would never have thought of. At the frontline of the employment market, they can give the latest advice on:

  • Whether you hire permanently or temporarily
  • The seniority you need to accomplish goals
  • If your budget is appropriate for the hire 


Experienced in hiring marketers

Having someone who is ready and prepared to support or challenge you is an underrated benefit of working with a recruiter. Since they have filled hundreds of marketing roles just like yours, they are well prepared to deliver expert advice throughout.

If you want to feel confident throughout your hiring process, work with a marketing recruiter.


5) Sell your employer brand

We all know that your employer brand is key to attracting job seekers and securing top talent. But, do you know the best ways to position your company and develop your employer brand?


Understanding your business

Recruitment consultants are well-versed in representing a business and it's company culture. Taking a unique approach to each employer, recruiters will make an effort to meet you in your workplace. This helps them gain a complete understanding of the candidates' potential work location and the company culture.

Taking these steps, recruiters are able to look deeper than skills and experience when speaking to candidates. This ensures they find the very best marketers for your company.


An extension of your business

Moreover, a recruitment consultant is an extension of your brand. Having an external professional represent and recommend your business can be a bigger sell for candidates.

Candidates involved in multiple processes, may find it helpful to have a recruiter to discuss their options with. As they're more likely to share this information with a third party, recruiters can ensure that you're making a competitive offer.


6) Make an informed hire

When it comes to the final interview, hiring managers can find it difficult to decide between two candidates. We understand how important it is to be confident in your final decision.


Feel confident in your decision

If you find yourself in the same situation, your marketing recruiter will use their expertise to help make that call. Our team were able to support Caudwell with this during their search for a Marketing Executive.

At the final stage, recruiters consider everything they know about the process to support decision making. They'll help you choose the best candidate based on the current employment market, the role and your business needs. Plus, for executive searches, our 3Search Executive team have a panel of experienced CMOs who also advise on candidates. They share their thoughts on shortlisted candidates, so you know that you're engaging the right marketing leader.


Strong communication

Of course, this level of consultation doesn't only take place at the final stage. Recruiters stay in touch with the hiring team throughout to ensure that everyone is always on the same page. If your requirements change, your hiring partner will be the first to know in your weekly catch ups.


7) Make the best offer to candidates

Struggling to attract applicants? Missing out on candidates to counteroffers? You could be offering the wrong compensation package.


Latest salary information

As mentioned above, recruiters know the latest salary information and can ensure you make the best offer to your preferred candidate. They can advise on all parameters of the role:

  • Flexibility/hybrid working
  • Benefits
  • Salaries


Dealing with counteroffers

Plus, recruiters can let you know what other offers your preferred candidate has received. Together, you can work out the best option to secure the right marketing talent for your company.


Our marketing recruiters can support you

Now that you know the benefits of working with a marketing recruitment agency, get in touch with 3Search. We're dedicated to delivering the best recruitment experience you will ever have. Upload your job description and start your talent search today!

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