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Data analytics is a lucrative career option, which means lots of people are flocking to it w...


Data analytics is a lucrative career option, which means lots of people are flocking to it with their mathematical and problem-solving skills.

This is great, but it makes your life as a prospective analyst that much harder.

You need to make some selective moves to prove that you’re able to function in a variety of situations.

So, here’s a guide for making yourself stand out from the crowd in the market and the recruitment process.

Talk about past projects with detail

Showing your reliability and skill as an analyst is a keystone to success.

One of the best methods you have at your disposal for this is showing the thought process you have when faced with a task, from start to finish.

Run through the experience you’ve had in your career in a way that draws attention to how you solve problems as an individual.

Detailing a specific project, you’ve faced is a good idea, but make sure it has some good takeaways – aim to end your description with a skill picked up or a lesson learned.

Back it up

Words are great, but what can stand out amongst your storytelling?

Some strong, concrete numbers.

You’re an analyst after all, so showing that you’re figures-driven will already be a great start. If you can show off the times where your numbers have helped company’s sales or marketing campaign performance, though, that’ll get you far.

Show your flexibility

The ability to adapt to different situations is valuable in virtually any role, but it’s something you’ll definitely want to focus on as an analyst.

Although it ultimately comes down to dealing with data, there’s a variety of tools and programs that you’ll need to use – so it pays to show that you’re capable of doing just that!

But even more important than this is showing your ability to fit into a situation as it comes.

Whether it’s being told to collaborate cross-functionally or finding yourself with little raw data at your disposal, you want to show that you’re more than just a human calculator and that you possess some real problem-solving skills.

Alongside the ideas previously mentioned, this is a great way to stand out in the data analysis field. But you can still find yourself having a hard time getting connected to the right employer.

We can help you make that connection. 3Search are experts in marketing and digital recruitment – and getting data analysts hired is no exception to that skill.

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