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The key to any successful business is its people - so how do you grow when sourcing the righ...


The key to any successful business is its people - so how do you grow when sourcing the right talent is such a challenge? I recruit marketers in the FMCG space, which is a very busy environment that’s full of fast-growing businesses looking to grow their marketing teams. My sector is just one of many to experience this intense demand for talent – meaning recruitment as a whole has become incredibly candidate-driven, with the cards firmly in their hands when it comes to salary and flexibility demands.

Virtually every business in every sector is looking to grow their digital departments, in lieu of a pandemic that’s totally redefined how marketing efforts can reach their audience. An overabundance of these businesses are also seeing rapid growth. They’re really keen to take on high-quality talent and grow even further, but it’s only getting more difficult to find marketing professionals that are on the hunt for a new role! 

With this in mind, I’ve put together my top 5 tips for securing a great candidate:

Pick a recruitment partner you trust to help you with the work. It’s a tough climate to find great candidates and agencies are having to go to market and really sell every opportunity when there are such an abundance of roles for candidates to choose from. Take the time to brief your agency well, as they need lots of ammunition to help your role stand out from the crowd. If you aren’t 100% confident they have asked the right questions to be able to sell your company and role to the market, then you could be hindering your chances of finding a great person. 

Your intended salary budget may not buy you the level of experience it would have done 12 months ago. Right or wrong, this is the current climate so be prepared to have to compromise on level/type of experience you’re going to get, or to up your budget to find the talent you want. 

Move at pace! You absolutely can’t take your time to wait for a certain number of CV’s to arrive in your inbox or delay feedback to the agency/candidate. You need to move at pace and ensure there is a rapid turnaround between the CV arriving with you and getting the person to an offer stage. If you don’t, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you will lose your first-choice person

Try and keep your process to 2 stages. Unless there is a super strong reason for needing more than this, it will a) potentially put the candidate off and b) as above, you will likely lose the person. If you like them then it’s pretty likely a lot of other companies do too, so move as quickly as you can!

Offer hybrid working. This really is super high on the list of requirements from a candidate and if you aren’t offering this then it could be a deal breaker to securing the best candidates. It also gives off an impression of a lack of trust/lack of modern thinking so can put people off for this reason even if they don’t massively need the flexibility


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