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Undoubtedly, video content is on the rise, aggressively becoming the go-to promotion tool now used by the majority of businesses, regardless of industry. But is it really worth what it’s cracked up to be? The answer, yes. Not only because everyone’s doing it, but because video is one of the most engaging and profitable tools out there.
The best Data Analysts are extremely hard to find and are worth their weight in gold to a variety of businesses. Throughout 2018, the demand for Data Analysts soared, as more companies started and continued to embrace the importance of analytics within business.
With the New Year only a few days away, it’s that time of year to put your feet up and look back on everything you’ve done (or haven’t done) over the past 12 months. It’s always good to reflect and even better to start thinking about how to up your game for the following year!
Christmas is truly right around the corner. With the mince pies ready for Santa himself and the presents beginning to stack around the Christmas tree, it’s that time of year where EastEnders is put on the back burner and no passing second goes without watching a Christmas film every evening.
Being one of the first 2 graduates a business hires was always going to be daunting. Making that jump from student life to working life felt huge at the time, probably not helped by the two-day gap in between! But the business you choose to join plays a huge part in how you find that transition, and I do feel like I made the right decision for me in joining 3Search.
It is crucial to remember that the stage of the interview where the employer puts down their pen and asks “do you have any questions for us?” is not the end of the interview. Remember: you’re being assessed from the moment you step into the organisation’s building until the moment you leave (I’ve known hiring managers ask receptionists for feedback on a candidate before and after a meeting!). The stage of the interview where you get to question the employer can be just as important as the earlier phase of the discussion.
It is well known that, to a great extent, the success of our interactions with others is governed by our non-verbal communication. What few people understand, however, is that your body language not only affects how others perceive you, but that the adoption of the correct posture actually has the power to alter how we perform.
What advice do highly successful people in the digital and marketing sector have for securing a job? Check this blog out to find out what Sheryl Sandberg - COO, Facebook, Jonah Peretti - CEO, Buzzfeed, Meg Whitman - Chief Executive of Hewlett Packard, Tim Cook - Chief Executive of Apple and Martin Sorrell, Chief Executive of WPP have to say about securing a job!
Imagine if, at 12pm daily, everyone in your office stopped reading, typing or talking and took 30 minutes to sit cross-legged on the floor, taking long, deep breaths, and quietly contemplating the existence of inner peace? Think that sounds daft? Think again. This is exactly the sort of thing that is happening in offices across ‘super cool’ California, and – if it’s passionate advocates have anything to do with it – it will soon be crossing the Atlantic and coming to London as well.
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