Subscription Services: The Trend That Is Redefining The Way We Buy

10 mins

Live Webinar | 14th October | 12:30pmAbout:Traditionally, if you had a subscription it was f...

Live Webinar | 14th October | 12:30pm


Traditionally, if you had a subscription it was for a local gym, mobile phone package or tv/broadband deal. Today, we have subscriptions for everything including music, pet food, meal boxes and who can forget the recent introduction of coffee from everyone at 3Search’s favourite coffee shop.

You can read more about our thoughts on Pret and other subscription services here 

How did we go from having just a few subscriptions to having more than we can count?

We have put together a fantastic panel of industry experts to discuss subscription services and why they are redefining the way we buy. In this hour long session, we hope to cover a range of topics and finish with a Q&A session.

Topics Include

  • Just why are they becoming so popular and part of everyday consumer buying behaviour?
  • How to make subscription models successful
  • Personalisation and its impact on the success of subscription models
  • The innovation in subscription models. What’s next? 

Michael Judkins - Senior Manager, Digital and E-Commerce at 3Search


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