What’s hot in performance marketing? The experts debate your burning questions

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On Wednesday 10th May 2023, we held our first webinar of the year. Held by our specialist pe...

On Wednesday 10th May 2023, we held our first webinar of the year. Held by our specialist performance marketing recruiter, Jasmin Eastwood, we brought together some industry heavyweights to discuss the hottest topics in performance marketing right now.

Our expert panel was composed of: 

Inez Miedema – CEO and Co-Founder at Growth HQ 

Inez is an experienced Marketing Director and Head of Partnerships, with a passion for all things tech. Currently, Inez is focusing her efforts on the development of her business, Growth HQ – a boutique Affiliate & Partnerships Marketing Agency, with an innovative approach to affiliate marketing.  

Christian van Oostrum – Head of Growth at Vargas Holding 

Christian’s digital marketing career spans over 11 years and a variety of businesses, from Zoopla to Wonderbly to Papier. An experienced growth marketer, Christian is now the Head of Growth at Vargas Holding.   

Tom Hillman – Performance Marketing Director at Flash Pack 

Tom is an accomplished marketing leader across consumer and business facing products. Recognising a number of startups being underserved and overcharged for digital marketing, he launched digital marketing & growth consultancy, Vertigo Growth. Now, Tom is the Director of Performance Marketing at Flash Pack. 

Having surveyed her vast network of performance marketers about what they wanted to hear from this webinar, the most frequently asked questions centred around: 

  • Incremental channels and testing  
  • Attribution, ROI and MMM
  • The future of growth and culture within performance marketing teams 

Read on for the key takeaways from their conversation around these hot topics. Or, to hear the full conversation, you can watch the webinar in full by signing up below.


Incremental channels and testing 

Inez Miedema kicked the conversation off with one of the most frequently asked questions she hears in her position at Growth HQ. With Google and Meta becoming increasingly expensive, many performance marketing teams are looking to reduce their spend on these platforms. 

How can I reduce my dependency on Google and Meta? 

Inez shared her hot (or “spicy”) take on the topic, believing that it should be all performance marketers’ goal to ensure that less than 50% of your growth is reliant on paid social and paid growth. 

This is, of course, rare, however, with many relying heavily on these channels. Christian Van Oostrum shared that it would be surprising to see the spend less than the 70% mark. 

Christian goes on to share that there is no “cookie cutter” solution to diversifying your channels and exploring new areas, such as TikTok. Instead, it requires lots of planning and an open mindset to try new things in order to ensure that you’re capitalising on what’s right for your business. 

To find out more about how the experts have tested new channels, such as TikTok, and hear their recommendations for doing it yourself, be sure to check out the full webinar. 

Attribution, ROI and MMM 

The conversation naturally progressed towards data and attribution to try to understand the value that new channels are driving. With less and less data now available to performance marketers, Christian led the conversation on where to go next. 

How are performance teams dealing with less and less data? 

With increasing criticism of cookies, rising privacy concerns and wider use of ad blockers, performance marketing teams are increasingly uncertain about the future of testing with limited data. This is even more prevalent in businesses without specialist data teams. 

Christian opened this conversation by sharing that he doesn’t believe that interaction-based attribution modelling will be going anywhere anytime soon. 

Nevertheless, steps are being taken by performance marketing teams everywhere to reduce their reliance on cookies and finding new ways to gather data, implementing tools such as the “post-purchase survey”.  

If you’re interested in finding out more about what steps the experts are taking, be sure to watch the webinar in full. 

The future of growth and culture within performance marketing teams 

It’s clear that the direction of performance marketing is changing. Teams are already having to adapt to new working styles and learn new skills sets to remain competitive. So, Tom Hillman directed the conversation towards what the future of performance marketing teams looks like. 

What skills do performance marketers need to future-proof their careers? 

Tom kicked the conversation off by sharing that he believes that marketers have gotten lazy, because they have devolved into very specific areas of the trade. With the rise of specialists, Tom believes that it’s easier for marketers to switch off from the parts of the business they aren’t responsible for. Decreasing the amount of collaboration across the marketing team. 

Now, to be successful as a performance marketer, you need to consider every area of marketing: 

  • Creative 
  • Product marketing 
  • Data 
  • UX/UI 
  • And more... 

Tom believes that there is a need for everyone to expand on their marketing skills in order to move forwards.  

Inez and Christian went on to share which skills they look for in candidates when growing their teams. To find out what these skills are, watch the full webinar. 

Continuing the conversation 

A big thank you to our speakers, Inez, Tom and Christian, for sharing your thoughts about the direction that performance marketing is heading in.  

We're excited to be continuing this conversation. If you have any other burning questions that you’d like answering, be sure to get in touch and keep an eye on our LinkedIn page for more soon. 

Looking for support in building your performance marketing team? We can help you. 

Searching for more support in growing your performance marketing team? Get in touch with our specialist performance marketing recruitment consultant, Jasmin Eastwood.  

Jasmin has been specialising in performance marketing recruitment since 2017 and has developed a wide network of performance, digital and growth specialists. For an efficient recruitment process, Jasmin is best equipped to support you. 

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