Why Apprenticeships Are For Everyone

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3Search is dedicated to making a difference in the marketing sector. Since 2014, we’ve been ...


3Search is dedicated to making a difference in the marketing sector. Since 2014, we’ve been connecting exciting businesses with great talent and now we’re partnering up with School of Marketing to continue to make a positive impact in the world of marketing. 

With lots of skills in high-demand, we know how important it is to invest in learning and development right now. 

School of Marketing is the perfect solution for anybody wanting to take their digital marketing skills to the next level. But you don’t just have to take our word for it. 

Meet, Fiona Graham, Head of Marketing at Britvic...  

Fiona was looking for a digital marketing program for her team when she found School of Marketing. Having found out more about the program they offer, Fiona knew that this was ‘perfect’ for her as well as her team. 

Despite being an experienced marketer, having worked herself up to Head of Marketing from Assistant Brand Manager, Fiona knew the apprenticeship would be beneficial for her.  

‘As an older marketeer, I’ve got lots of training in traditional communication channels, and it can often feel that you’re a little bit left behind when it comes to digital marketing.’ 

For Fiona, School of Marketing gave her the opportunity to enhance the skills she already had and gain confidence in digital marketing channels. The Digital Marketing Diploma gives apprentices the opportunity to gain soft and technical skills in digital marketing, equipping you with the tools to make you an expert in this ever-evolving field.  

The apprenticeship program doesn’t only benefit Fiona, but also helps upskill the entire marketing function at Britvic. A major benefit of taking an apprenticeship is that you’re learning and working at the same time.

Within their employment contract, apprentices spend 20% of working hours completing a learning programme. Being able to learn on the job means that apprentices are able to make use of what they learn straight away, bringing a practicality to their education and upskilling the marketing department.

Plus, completing the program together means that they have extra support. Support from the company, support from their tutors and support from their peers.  

From both perspectives, there’s nothing to lose. Employees gain a credible qualification and education and employers build loyalty. According to pwc, 93% of businesses that introduce upskilling programs, see a more productive workforce, better talent acquisition and a more resilient workforce.  

Is the time right to invest in yourself and your employees? Get in touch at som@3search.co.uk to find out more. 

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