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Our Blogs

It’s common practice for hiring managers to require candidates to complete a task before making final decisions. Tasks can give you an insight into how each candidate works and what their thought processes are. In this blog, we’re going to be taking a look at how you, as the Hiring Manager, can make interview tasks more useful and enjoyable for everyone involved.
At 3Search we're dedicated to ensuring that top companies find the best talent, but we also want to do our bit to support people with far more barriers to overcome. This is why we have decided to partner with Beam. We were inspired by Alex and his story to start Beam in a year that has seen many people struggle and find themselves homeless as a result of the pandemic. We felt it was a great cause to support, tying nicely into the work that we do on a daily basis. As a growing business, we believe we have a responsibility to give back to the community and help those less able. We want to make recruitment more sustainable and through our work, we believe this is a great opportunity to do so.
Portfolios and CVs are completely different documents, so creatives this blog is for you! Read for top tips and answers to key questions on how to craft your perfect portfolio…
The interview and onboarding process for a candidate has changed and adapted largely as a result of the national lockdown. Having interviewed and secured a job remotely, I thought I would share my experience of this. 
Never worked with a recruiter before? Not sure how to approach them? Well, look no further! This blog will talk you through how to build strong relationships with recruiters. From the introduction to the interview, keep reading for insider tips and tricks!
Did you know that three people are hired every minute through LinkedIn? In this article, we’re talking all things “Open to Work”! From how to use it to the benefits of this simple feature. Plus, see what our recruiters have to say about how they use the “Open to Work” feature to identify talent
Being asked to work on a project as a freelancer is super exciting. After all, it means that you can put food on the table, right…? One of the trickiest parts of freelancing is identifying what work is paid and what work isn’t. But it’s also the most crucial part
Parents are now faced with the challenge of balancing work life and home-schooling. Here are some of our top tips for parents who are currently balancing work life and family life.
Whether it’s a new year, or you’re simply looking for a fresh start – updating your CV before a job search is always a good idea. Here are our top tips for making sure that your CV is refreshed, updated and in the best shape possible to send to recruiters.
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