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A Public Relations (PR) Manager is responsible for monitoring and delivering a brand's messaging across various channels. This strategic, hands-on role assists with the delivery of all PR work, including interviews and press releases.

What does a PR Manager do?

Key responsibilities

  • Oversee and drive the public image of the brand 
  • Create impactful campaigns to promote brand awareness and position the business as a leader in the industry
  • Work closely with the Head of PR/Communications, in-house teams and agencies to ensure consistent messaging
  • Monitor brand perception and identify opportunities for media coverage
  • Create digital and traditional media coverage across a variety of platforms, including social media and press conferences to target specific audiences

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Skills and requirements:

  • 5+ years of experience in a journalism, public relations or communications role
  • Excellent writing, editing and communication skills, with a strong attention to detail
  • Experience in building and leveraging journalist relationships
  • A keen interest in the industry and an understanding of the role that PR plays
  • Demonstrated experience of delivering media strategies through in-house capabilities and with PR agency support

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PR Manager salary expectations

Pay brackets vary depending on the location of the role and experience you're searching for. The average PR Manager salary in the UK is:

  • London: £50,000 - £60,000
  • Manchester: £40,000 - £60,000
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Bar graph showing annual salary ranges for PR Manager roles across different organisation sizes. Small to medium-sized organisations offer around £30K, represented by a red bar. Medium-sized organisations offer around £40K, depicted by a tan bar, and global organisations offer around £60K, illustrated by a green bar.

When to hire a Public Relations Manager?

Businesses often look to hire a PR Manager when they need to increase PR activity. This might mean that they're engaging a public relations officer for the first time or bringing agency support in-house.

It's important to recognise that the PR Manager shouldn't be your first comms hire. They shouldn't sit within the marketing team, as a Marketing Director will not have enough experience to support this role effectively.

We recommend that they report into a Head of Communications/Communications Director.  At this level, a communications structure is key to a successful hire.

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How to hire a PR Manager?

Businesses can choose to engage a PR Manager permanently or on a contractual basis. The right option for you will depend on why you're hiring for the role.

Hiring a contractor is a great option for project-based work. For instance, if you're launching a seasonal campaign, a PR Manager could support the work on a 3-6 month contract. 

As experienced professionals, contractors are able to jump in and support your communications team immediately. Without lengthy onboarding processes, contractors are a great option when you need quick PR support.

A permanent hire is key to bringing the public relations skill set in-house. Initially, businesses might choose to engage an agency for public relations support. However, when the time is right to embed PR into the team, you need to hire a permanent PR Manager.

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