18Oct, 2023

Lessons from £100 million ad spend: how teams can produce the best ad creatives


The future of performance marketing is creative. Looking ahead to next year, we're thinking about what makes a winning creative strategy and ultimately what makes a winning ad.


Jasmin Eastwood


Guest Speakers

Valentin Raspé

Founder, Up Collective

Raphael Yarish

Performance Marketing Lead, ZOE

Bradley Fehler

VP Growth, Archdesk

About this event

This webinar has now taken place. If you missed out, you can watch the recording now!

With the role of performance marketing rapidly changing, there is a need for teams to focus on their creativity. Our specialist performance recruiter, Jasmin Eastwood, will be bringing together some true performance marketing professionals to discuss the future of creative performance. The panel is comprised of:

Together, they will be discussing how to produce winning ads every time, from the creative process through to the optimal team structure. The webinar will follow the structure below, with time at the end for a Q&A session:

  • Creative strategy and how to make winning ads
    • What makes a winning ad 
    • What makes a winning creative strategy
    • Landing pages as the extension of creative


  • AI tools & creative
    • Ad Scan AI & new ad library rules 
    • Using mid journey versus a retoucher 

  • Team structure
    • How do you get people to make amazing ads? 
    • Hiring designers vs. content creators 
    • Performances marketers as creators 

Sign up today to hear all of this and more, with the chance to ask your own burning questions around ad spend in 2024.

Where: Microsoft Teams

When: Wednesday, 18th October, 12:30pm

Date and time

Wed 18 Oct, 2023
12:30 pm


Microsoft Teams

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