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At 3Search, we recognise that your role as a Marketing Data Analyst is critical for an organisational and analytical business structure. Responsible for analysing data from various sources and spotting investment opportunities. You’ll use this data to create reports that outline potential development regions and branding tactics based on study patterns discovered from various investigations. In addition, you’ll work on client acquisition initiatives, including locating ineffective spots along a funnel where more transactions might occur than usual.

You’ll be working on conducting competitive research and analysing benchmark data, providing insight into implementing that research for the benefit of paid ad campaigns. Also, create reports on marketing KPIs, including leads, conversation rates, social media engagement, and website traffic.  

We understand that the role of Marketing Data Analyst involves researching, analysing, and recommending improvements on campaign optimisation. You’ll monitor the budget distribution and the performance of paid ad campaigns and track email campaign metrics. 

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Marketing Data Analyst: What can you expect?

For the role of Marketing Data Analyst, we have crafted a list of the potential responsibilities and requirements employers are looking for in their candidates. Read through to discover more about the daily running of the role.

Responsibilities of a Marketing Analyst

  • Analyse and review sales funnels and the needs of the customer
  • Use analytical tools to determine ROI on marketing campaigns
  • Manage and track the budget for marketing strategies and campaigns
  • Identify marketing tools like social media scheduling and automation software to support strategies
  • Conduct market research, including competitor analysis and stay on top of market trends

Requirements of a Marketing Analyst

  • Proven experience in marketing
  • Expertise using tools such as Google Analytics
  • A deep understanding of SEO
  • Ability to analyse data and use it to structure marketing strategies
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Digital Marketing Analyst: Salary Expectations

The average salary for a Marketing Analyst across the UK:  

London: £40,000 - £55,000

Greater Manchester: £35,000 - £50,000

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Progression opportunities for a Marketing Data Analyst

With the experience that you’ve gained from your role as a Marketing Analyst, you can use your skills across a range of different roles and in a range of different industries. We’ve gathered a selection of potential career progression opportunities with their corresponding salary expectations to help you understand them clearly.

With the skills of a Marketing Data Analyst role, you’ll be able to blend into a Digital Marketing Analyst seamlessly. This role focuses on data analysis and providing insights to improve digital marketing campaigns for a business. One of the main responsibilities includes expanding the brand image online through social media and implementing procedures to maximise customer reach.

Your skills as a Marketing Data Analyst can transfer over to a senior position, such as Senior Marketing Analyst. As it is an executive position, you’ll be directing and implementing sales, advertising, and general market placement strategies for a business. Creating reports on the progress of strategies and their effectiveness in hitting the targeted market. 

Salary Expectation: £55,000 - £75,000

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