The impact of AI within CRM

Customer Value Consultant, Michael Migliore, shares the impact that AI can have in CRM teams. This topic was discussed at length at our event &...

Customer Value Consultant, Michael Migliore, shares the impact that AI can have in CRM teams. 

This topic was discussed at length at our event 'The future of CRM'. For more viewpoints from leading digital marketers, read our key takeaways from the morning here.


So there's Predictive AI and Generative AI. Predictive AI, I think we're already seeing have a huge impact in CRM, you know, whether it's personalisation or propensity modeling, all of which have been influenced by AI recently. 

We're certainly seeing people use generative AI for things like content. Personally, I wouldn't recommend doing that because I think that true creativity is something that can't be captured by an AI, and that there's already quite a lot of really poor quality content out there. The brands that succeed in CRM and certainly overall in terms of growth are the ones who will be able to harness that creativity and bring it to customers in a relevant and empathetic way.

About Michael Migliore

Michael Migliore is a leading customer marketer. Before consulting, he has grown his career across a variety of permanent roles, including Chief Marketing Officer, Marketing Director, Managing Director - Growth and LTV, and Head of Customer Value/Head of CRM/Head of Retention.

Now, he is a Fractional CMO specialising in customer marketing, growth and proposition that creates and protect customer value. 

In this role, Michael has helped both B2B and B2C businesses in publishing, SaaS, media, banking, FMCG, retail and non-profits increase their customer value efficiently through innovative strategy. He is led by the belief that businesses exist to deliver value to consumers and this must be done with empathy while maintaining profitability. 

Notably, Michael is recognised for pioneering the implementation of machine learning in CRM, enabling a more personalised and relevant experience for consumers and higher profits for businesses.

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