5 Top Tips for Setting Interview Tasks

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It’s common practice for hiring managers to require candidates to complete a task before mak...

It’s common practice for hiring managers to require candidates to complete a task before making final decisions. Tasks can give you an insight into how each candidate works and what their thought processes are.

In this blog, we’re looking at how you, as the Hiring Manager, can make interview tasks more useful and enjoyable for everyone involved.

We’re focusing on Marketing roles in this blog. To find out more about technical interview tasks from Data Experts, check out our previous webinar: Data & Analytics: Speaking the Same Language


  1. Keep It Short

Your candidates live busy lives and will appreciate a shorter task.

Keep in mind how much pressure you’re putting on your candidates when considering your task. How much time will it take to complete? And how much preparation time will they need?

Last but certainly not least, don’t try to cram too much in. You don’t want to confuse and overwhelm your potential employees. If you feel as though you’ve reached that point, go back to the beginning and remember the purpose of your task. Only include the essential parts that meet that purpose.


  1. Make It Relevant

Remember, interviews work both ways. While they give the hiring manager an insight into the candidates, they also give candidates an insight into the business.

Make the task relevant to the role and the business to give candidates a snapshot of what their day-to-day life could look like. In a candidate-led world, this is an especially important point and a great way to sell the business to your candidates.


  1. Explain Why

Explain to your candidates why you’re asking them to complete the task. Tell them what you’re looking to see, being specific will allow them to put their best foot forward.

Plus, previous bad experiences have left some candidates feeling that companies only ask candidates to complete tasks to steal ideas and/or receive free labour. An explanation will help to relieve any anxieties that your candidates may have around this issue.


  1. Leave Room For Creativity

While the task should be set out clearly for your candidates, you should also leave room for creativity.

Remember, you’re looking for someone who can bring something new to your team. Someone creative, with fresh ideas! Leaving room for creativity will allow you to find out what value they’ll bring to your team.


  1. Don’t Open With A Task

We wouldn’t recommend opening the interview process with a task. You’ll want to get to know your candidates first with a formal interview, otherwise, the hiring process will be based on only the candidates’ knowledge of certain skills/platforms.

Plus, a formal interview should take less time/work than a task. You’ll leave a far better impression if you take the time to interview everyone in the process. 

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