Are Interim Professionals The Answer To Staying Ahead?

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Previously, interim professionals were seen as a temporary solution to organisations’ hiring...

Previously, interim professionals were seen as a temporary solution to organisations’ hiring needs, and in some respects even holding a negative connotation. However, with the digital landscape evolving at an ever-accelerated pace, we are finding more and more businesses are turning to interim professionals to help drive their business forward.

Whilst permanent members of staff will always form the backbone of your workforce, recent findings from the Institute of Interim Management’s 2018 annual survey, show that many industries are benefitting from the use of interim expertise. With this in mind, below are a few reasons that answer how an interim professional can hold the key to unlocking your business growth potential.

Experts who hit the ground running

One of the biggest benefits to hiring an interim professional is they’re accustomed to stepping into a business and adding value from day one. Instead of going through a lengthy onboarding process, interim specialists can get stuck in straight-away.

These individuals are highly-skilled professionals, having the attributes to deal with the demands and pressures of all kinds, with ease. You won’t need to put time and money into training these professionals, nor need to go through a rigorous recruitment process. They provide a first-class solution to your project needs immediately. In fact, a recent report by IPSE has revealed that there are 2 million freelancers and self-employed individuals in the UK, representing specialist skills across every industry.

The most efficient hiring process

Hiring a permanent employee can involve 3-4 stages, on average lasting 4-6 laborious weeks. On top of this, hiring managers then have to wait as long as 3 months before their new employee can join the company.

Comparatively, hiring an interim can be accomplished in as little as one week, and quite often, the interim professional can then start the next day! As an employer, you have a pool of talent at your front door, ready to step in as soon as you make the call.

In a world where time is the most priceless commodity, the difference between the hiring processes shows how bringing in an interim can save a business a colossal amount of time, via a quick and immediate hiring process.

Multi-industry experience

One benefit of interim professionals is that they possess multi-industry experience; they have a good understanding of engaging audiences from numerous industries. In turn, they offer businesses a fresh perspective on how to implement cutting-edge strategies.

Bringing a highly skilled professional in for short-term projects is a shot of new inspiration and industry-level best practice, which will help you think outside your usual comfort zone.

Cost-effective and flexible, all rolled into one

Although you might find the hourly rate of an interim professional higher than a permeant employee, their flexibility means you can scale up or down depending on the requirements you have week-on-week. Because contractors require minimal training and have rates that are inclusive of taxes, benefits and pension contributions, you’ll find there’s greater potential for long-term savings. This also takes the pressure off of your payroll department.

This allows you to easily set, manage and track a budget for your project, essentially giving you more control over labour costs.

In short, the flexible employment market allows businesses to react quickly and effectively to both internal and external circumstances, allowing a business to bring in the right people at the right time.

With efficiency still high on the agenda at many firms, it is vital for hiring managers to look at ways of making the best use of their resources. Incorporating interim hiring into your recruitment strategy can offer key benefits to businesses.

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