Our partnership with Beam: May 2024 round up

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Our charity partner, Beam, is an organisation helping homeless people and refugees find thei...

Our charity partner, Beam, is an organisation helping homeless people and refugees find their feet in society. During our partnership so far, we’ve helped to change the lives of 780 people, supporting over 410 individuals into work and 320 people into housing.

This month, our support has made a meaningful impact on the lives of Callum, David, and Caitlin as they grow closer to reaching the life they aspire to live. Read their full stories below...

Callum's story

Callum is a resilient 23-year-old actively working towards rebuilding his life after facing various challenges. His work experience spans various fields, including retail, warehouse work, and bar roles. 

Now, he's eager for a fresh start in the hospitality sector, particularly seeking opportunities in bar roles where he can thrive in a social environment. He is actively seeking both full-time and part-time positions that will help him ease into that sector. Although his journey has been challenging, Callum is determined to turn things around.

"I appreciate the kind people who have read my story and have donated towards my campaign, it brings a smile to my face knowing that people want to help."

David's story

David is on a journey to rebuild his life. He's faced some tough times in his life, the biggest of which was serving a prison sentence and being away from his children. It was a challenging period, but it also gave him a new perspective on life. He's now determined to turn things around for the better. 

David loves learning and he's always looking for ways to keep his mind active and engaged. His ultimate dream is to work in the charity sector, specifically with veterans who have been through the justice system. Having served in the army for twelve years, he understands the toll that war takes and how it can shape behaviour. He believes he can use his experiences to make a difference and grow personally.

Additionally, he really wants to move into a stable home and continue rebuilding his relationship with his children. In the shorter term, he's open to any job opportunities that can help him reach these goals. 

He has experience across different industries and recently finished a degree in Social Sciences - he can't wait to hit the ground running! In two years' time, he hopes to be settled in a comfortable home and spending quality time with his children. 

"Your support means the world to me and I can't thank you enough."

Caitlin's story

Caitlin's faced a lot of challenges - from struggling with her mental health to financial difficulties - all while caring for her 2-year-old son. Though it’s been tough managing everything that’s been going on whilst looking after him, he’s her rock and everything she does is to build a beautiful life for him. Luckily, they got moved into a council property a few months ago, which has made such a difference. Having their own space again has been amazing, and now that they're more settled there - she really wants to get back into work and find a job that fits around childcare.

Caitlin's had experience in hospitality and housekeeping before, so she's hopeful that she can get a role in one of these areas soon. Whilst their new home is amazing, it doesn’t have great transport links - so getting Beam’s support with a bike is going to make such a big difference to the number of roles that she can apply for! 

"I'm determined to find a job that will provide me with financial stability and allow me to support myself and my son, and I can’t wait to have that extra layer of independence and stability in our lives."

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