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On the 18th of October 2023, specialist performance marketing recruiter, Jasmin Eastwood, ho...

On the 18th of October 2023, specialist performance marketing recruiter, Jasmin Eastwood, hosted a webinar exploring how businesses can produce the best ad creatives. The audience heard from industry leaders: 

Together, they discussed: 

  • The optimal team structure for producing creative adverts 
  • Building your creative strategy and how to make winning ad campaigns 
  • AI marketing tools and creative marketing 

Read our key takeaways here or watch the full webinar on demand

How to structure your performance marketing team?

There are a variety of components that go into making great advertising campaign. Team structure is a fundamental element. Bradley Fehler kicked off our conversation with his thoughts on how you should structure your performance marketing team. 

Building creativity from your first hires

Today, creativity is a hugely important part of any successful digital marketing campaign – no matter the advertising platform. As a result, Bradley recommends focussing on creativity from the very first hire.  

While the job titles suggested might differ, this advice was shared by each speaker. 

Marketing Designers have always been Bradley’s first hire into a new marketing team. He recommends employing a creative person alongside someone who is more data driven. For Bradley, this is the perfect combination to ensure you’re producing both creative and commercial ads. 

With the growing success of user-generated content (UGC), Raphael Yarish suggested making a Content Creator one of your first hires. With the likes of TikTok re-shaping ad campaigns, Raphael suggested hiring someone with a background in organic content. These skills can be translated into paid media and elevate your campaigns.  

What skills should you look for in a marketing leader? 

To create good adverts, it’s important to have a fundamental knowledge of what works and why? As a result, you need to employ the right marketing leader at the helm. 

Your Head of Growth should be able to understand, leverage and implement the data that advertising platforms, such as Meta, provide. This will allow them to build stronger teams as they will know the skill sets required to deliver high quality and high performing ads. 

Optimising for creative velocity 

Lastly, our speakers shared the importance of optimising your teams for two key metrics: 

  1. Creative velocity (how many adverts are you able to produce every week?) 
  2. Creative win percentage 

Raphael shared that he believes, if you build your teams with these metrics in mind, you can succeed at any channel.  

“If you can have both of these in place, you can basically win at any channel.”

Creative velocity is incredibly important. The best advertisers have hundreds of ads in their Facebook ad library and can consistently share them every week. This is how you create winning ad campaigns, so it’s important to embed these metrics into your company culture. 

Creative marketing strategy

Now you know how to structure your team, our speakers moved on to how to plan a marketing strategy that creates winning ads. Valentin Raspe led this section of the conversation, sharing examples of good adverts and the process of creating them. 

The five-step creative flywheel 

Valentin shared the process he follows when creating ads. The creative flywheel is broken down into five steps: 

  1. Research phase 
  2. Concepting and copywriting 
  3. Production and feedback 
  4. Launch and learn 
  5. Analysis and feedback 

 Table breaking down the five-step creative fly wheel process for creating ads

The research phase

The research phase is the most important stage in the process. This is where you will decide on the best type of messaging. 

You’ll conduct interviews with your target audience to understand the context in which you’re producing your campaign. From there, you’ll undertake review mining to find out what your customers react to and uncover trends in the ad libraries. 

By taking this step, you can narrow down your ideas and understand what to prioritise when creating the ad. 

Concepting and copywriting

Once you’ve gathered your research, it’s time to start concepting the look and feel of the adverts. At this stage you should focus on the strongest ideas and also what will have the most amount of impact. 

Production and feedback 

Next, it’s time to produce the advert. Decide exactly what the hook is and the visual sequence of the campaign, before briefing your design team.  

Launch and learn 

At the launch phase you should define the benchmarks you want your ad to hit. This means you’re prepared to pivot if you don’t see the results you expect. 

“Speed is something you always need to optimise towards”

Valentin recommends running the ad for 1-2 weeks depending on your budget. This should give you quick validation around whether or not the campaign is working. Raphael agreed with this sentiment, sharing that speed is the most important part of implementing this process.  

Analysis and feedback

To ensure that this process is a fly wheel, it’s crucial to feedback to your designers. Valentin shares that this crucial step is often missed by performance marketers and can cause the process to break. To continue scaling, it’s important to deliver feedback to your design team so they can futureproof their concepts. 

AI marketing tools and creative

Having the right tools at your disposal is incredibly important in performance marketing. Implementing AI marketing tools, for example, will help you create shortcuts and maintain speed when creating adverts. 

How AdScan AI can support competitor research

Raphael shared how the right AI marketing tools can speed up the research phase of your creative process. He shared a demo of a tool that he’s created to support performance marketers at this stage. The tool allows marketers to find out which of their competitors’ hundreds of adverts are winning and why.  

The Google Chrome extension, AdScan AI, will rank ads on Meta, YouTube and TikTok based on how much reach they gain. This means that with just one click you know which of these adverts are the top performing for a brand. Marketers can use this tool to create a folder of winning ads, so they’ll always take inspiration from the right source. 

Watch the full webinar to see Raphael’s live demonstration of how to use AdScan AI. 

A big thank you to our performance marketing specialists

Thank you to Raphael, Bradley and Valentin for sharing your knowledge with us. We’d also like to offer a big thank you to all of our attendees for your questions. If you want to join us live next time, be sure to register your interest in future events below! 

Recruiting into your performance marketing team? 

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