How to Build Relationships With Recruiters

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Never worked with a recruiter before? Not sure how to approach them?Well, look no further! T...

Never worked with a recruiter before? Not sure how to approach them?

Well, look no further! This blog will talk you through how to build strong relationships with recruiters. From the introduction to the interview, keep reading for insider tips and tricks!

Introduce Yourself

When first reaching out, you’ll want to introduce yourself.

Remember that recruiters are humans - not computers. A short message asking them to call you if they have a specific opportunity won’t get you very far. And this isn’t only because you’ll offend them…

Treat your first email/message as a mini cover letter. Let them know your current situation:

•Are you currently employed?

•Are you out of work?

•Are you going to graduate soon?

•What is your current/most recent role?

If you’re actively looking for a new role, let them know which roles/titles you’re looking for and what industry you’d like to work in. This way they’ll know how best to help you.

You’ll also want to add something extra to stand out from the crowd. Design Consultant, Tash Harrison, warns:

 Recruiters deal with 100s, if not 1000s, of applications a week – make sure to stand out from the crowd and to have a point of difference about you. This way they’ll remember you even in years to come! 

Do Your Research Make sure you know what their speciality is. If it’s not in your field, or even your industry, reach out anyway! Use your connections wisely and ask if they can recommend any recruiters who can help you out. 3Search, for example, is a part of the 11 Investments group and so work closely with:

•Sales Recruiters (The Sales Recruitment Company)

•HR Recruiters (Executive Partnerships)

•Recruiters operating in the Property and Real Estate (Higher Capital Consulting and RE-Search London)

•SAP Recruiters (Techmia)

•Strategy, Transformation, and Change Recruiters (Tarka Talent)

Communication Is Key

Marketing Consultant, Jaemien Serrano, warns that communication is key to building a strong relationship. She says that “open communication works both ways. Just as you wouldn’t want your recruiter to ghost you, don’t ghost them”.

By ignoring them when the role they’ve suggested isn’t right, you risk missing out on your dream job. Why should they contact you when you’ve left them in the dark before?

At the end of the day, being ghosted is never fun. Whether it’s from a date or a candidate…

Be Personal

Keeping on the dating theme, Senior Data Analytics Consultant, Rupert Stevens, suggests that “you might start with the odd text/tinder message, but you’re not going to progress unless you meet up!”

In an ideal world, this would mean that you’d be able to meet face to face and chat about your work situation over a coffee. While this isn’t an option at the moment, offer to get on the phone/Zoom with recruiters.

Rupert warns that you should “avoid taking the easy option (WhatsApp/email). It might seem quicker, but you’ll stick longer in a recruiter’s mind if you speak on the phone more regularly.”

Honesty Is The Best Policy

Every recruiter will give you this tip for free…

Be open with recruiters!

You won’t be in trouble if you’re also working with someone else, you won’t be in trouble if you’re interviewing elsewhere and you won’t be in trouble if you’ve found already found a new role.

Recruiters just need to know this information so they know how to proceed with you as a candidate. Do they need to rush your interview process through? Or can they withdraw your application? These are things you’d need to discuss with them, which is only possible if you’re honest.

Plus, Senior Marketing Consultant, Jasmin Eastwood, reminds that if you’re honest with recruiters, then they’ll be honest with you.

Our Freelance Specialist, Lilly McGann, has the following advice for freelancers communicating with recruiters:

 Let your “go-to” recruiters know when you are booked, your availability and when you have upskilled or updated your portfolio. In Freelance, it is also good to be honest about a booking, letting your recruiter know if the work or business wasn’t quite right for you, so they understand and can learn from your feedback. 

No Question Is A Stupid Question

Lilly also reminds that “No question is a stupid question!”

Don’t be afraid to ask for help in any way. She says that “recruiters have consultant in their title for a reason and are always happy to answer Qs you have about your CV, interview techniques and portfolio advice”.

It’s important to ask these questions to dispel any worries or concerns that you might have before your interview, so you have full confidence in yourself, the recruiter and the process.

To get in touch with any of our recruiters, visit our Team Page. There you will find their phone numbers, email addresses and LinkedIn profiles, so you can reach out however you'd like. 


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