How to Give Yourself the Best Chance in a UX Interview

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User Experience.There’s your first clue for a great mindset during the interview for that pe...

User Experience.

There’s your first clue for a great mindset during the interview for that perfect UX design job.

While there’s no way you can know what you’ll be asked, there’s definitely some things that you can have ready before sitting down.

With that in my mind, here’s some of my tips for getting through those interview stages and into your dream role!

Think of the Big Picture

You’re far less likely to be hired for a design role if you don’ show genuine interest in it! 

Interviewers will be curious about your perspective on the industry, so keep the wider UX news in mind.

This could include insights on trends (like escapism and retro design) and recent events. 

While brushing up on these things is a good start, you want to show you have a clear and nuanced understanding of how they’re important.


It shows that you’re an engaged individual and inquisitive about what you do throughout the whole process of doing it – and therefore someone with a passion that’s very attractive to interviewers.

This is especially true in UX, which is revolving around the user, something that’s ever-changing in behaviour.

If you can get the ‘theory’, it’ll show employers the potential you have to make use of it.

Using Your Skills

Industry knowledge is a great launch pad – but it goes without saying that showing off your practical UX design skills is an essential.

This means displaying how, using the insights you have, you’re able to create designs that tick off fundamental elements and are on trend.

One of the main talking points in an initial interview will be talking through a case study of yours with a heavy focus on the “why.” Hiring Managers will dig deep into why you’ve done what you’ve done and the reasoning behind it. It will all need to relate back to the psychology of the user and where you identified an existing problem and how you’ve improved it to benefit them.

Ultimately, you want to show the professional practice you’ve developed, which could include your workflow and approach to problems, as well as how you work with others (exemplifying recent work is a good idea).

Your responses involving this topic should highlight your technical abilities and professionalism, but above all else, they should reflect how your designs are inclusive of users universally.

A good user experience should extend to as wider audience as possible!

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