How to grow your marketing team: expanding your marketing department

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Companies will approach marketing growth at different stages depending on a range of factors...

Companies will approach marketing growth at different stages depending on a range of factors, such as industry, business model, and growth plans. Each situation is completely unique. As a result, it can often be tricky to find accessible and actionable support for expanding your marketing team and hiring for marketing jobs.

We've taken this pain away with our report dedicated to employers who are looking to add to their marketing team for the first time. With recommendations and tips from our expert marketing recruitment consultants, you can gain the confidence to grow your team in the right way for your business.

Knowing how to expand your marketing team

Whether you’re a marketing leader or a business founder there are several things to take into consideration when looking to expand your marketing department and add new marketing jobs. 

Anyone looking to grow their marketing team should understand:  

  • When to make new hires in order to have the most impact  
  • What hires are required and why?  
  • How to justify new hires to the wider business and secure funding  
  • How to attract the right talent to your business 

We've endeavoured to answer all of these questions and more in the following report. 


When is the time right to grow your marketing team? 

When your scale-up first invested in marketing, your first marketing hire would have built a marketing strategy tfacilitate business growth. Having reached a new milestone in your growth journey and the end of your first marketing strategy, it’s time to reassess your team in order to continue your expansionWhen companies hit new milestones in their growth journeys, it’s time to set new goals and adjustments to your marketing team will be required to meet them 

We have comprised a report with best-practice advice from our expert marketing recruitment consultants to help you plan the growth of your marketing team.


The importance of growing and hiring sustainably 

This past year has really proven the importance of growing sustainably. There has been a lot of press around large tech firms making significant redundancies lately. However, as far as we’re concerned, this feels like the recruitment market returning to normalcy and refocusing on profitability.  

Since the summer of 2021, the job market has been incredibly buoyant and, as a result, businesses have often over-hired and over-paid. The redundancies we’ve seen over the last few months are part of businesses correcting their hiring efforts rather than downsizing their teams. Recent events prove that organisations that hire sustainably and prudently will always come out on top in the long run. 

You can read more of our predictions for recruitment in 2023 by downloading our annual hiring report, “How to hire: What marketing recruitment will look like in 2023”. This report includes up to date salaries, hiring advice and recruitment trends. 


Ready to hire marketing talent for your scale-up? We can help. 

Our expert marketing recruitment consultants are best placed to support you with your talent search. Each of our consultants specialise by industry and marketing skill set, meaning they have built their knowledge and networks specially in these areas.  

With over 500 reviews on Google and a five-star overall rating, our teams have supported hundreds of companies with their digital and marketing recruitment needs. We have utilised their expertise in these areas and compiled their advice for expanding your marketing department in this report. For more personalised advice, tailored to your scale-up, be sure to reach out and get in touch with the team. 

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