How to grow your marketing team: investing in new skill sets

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Investing in new skill sets is crucial to the success of your marketing team, ensuring ...

Investing in new skill sets is crucial to the success of your marketing team, ensuring they’re staying ahead of the game and competitive in your industry. Whether you’re thinking about moving a specialist team in-house or looking to invest in a specialist team for the first time, it can be tricky to know where to start. 

There are a number of questions that you, as a marketing leader, might have: 

  • What are specialist skill sets?  
  • Why should you in-house specialist skills?  
  • What specialist skill sets does your business need?  
  • What steps should you take to hire new talent?  
  • How do you approach a significant team build?  
  • How do you secure the right budget for new hires? 

Our expert recruitment consultants have used their extensive experience in recruiting for specialist marketing skills to produce this report, with the aim of supporting employers with hiring these professionals permanently.

What are specialist marketing skills? 


As digital marketing has progressed over the years, these are the skill sets that have evolved into their own areas of expertise, requiring specialist technologies, knowledge and experts. We also believe that they require their own specialist recruitment consultants, who understand their unique, individual set of skills and advise employers on where they best add value. At 3Search, we have built our digital marketing recruitment agency to mirror businesses’ marketing teams, which is why we have designed our teams in this fashion.  

Largely, these are the skills that we will be referring to in this report.  


How to get digital marketing recruitment right 


Recruiting for these specialist digital skills requires a different approach than what you might take with more traditional marketing jobs. Skills such as CRM jobs and performance jobs are in high demand, as more organisations look to invest in and take advantage of the opportunities these areas of expertise have to offer. However, there are less people who specialise in these skills and so candidate pools tend to be very small. 

As a result, there are a number of steps we would recommend taking when it comes to specialist digital recruitment. For detailed information on these and more, be sure to download the full report. 


Budgeting for specialist digital marketing jobs 


Due to the availability of these professionals, salaries also tend to be higher than more traditional marketing jobs. Plus, with a 20% increase in salaries between 2021 and 2022, it’s never been more important for employers to evaluate and benchmark their compensation packages. 

For a full overview of salary bands, updated for 2023, you can check out our annual hiring report, ‘How to hire: What marketing recruitment will look line in 2023’This will give you a detailed insight into how to budget for digital marketing jobs this year. 


Looking for more recruitment support in hiring for specialist professionals? We can help. 


We’ve built our digital marketing recruitment agency to mirror marketing teams’ capabilities. As a result, each of our recruitment consultants specialise in a specific skill set, industry, and seniority allowing them to operate in a very niche field. If you’re looking for recruitment supportget in touch with our team today. 

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