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Hi, my name is Adrian Ramani and I am a Partner at 3Search, working to grow and developing the E-Commerce recruitment team. 

Having worked in the space since 2011, I specialise in E-Commerce roles, from management all the way through to senior leadership roles. I partner with D2C brands across a range of industries, including retail, luxury, and cosmetics, and of a range of sizes. From high-growth companies all the way through to established, heritage brands. 

I went into recruitment as a late grad. Simply, I liked the concept of it, the idea of working in between people, working out their complexities and helping to build relationships.  

“It's not matching people with a job it’s matching people with people.” 


E-Commerce is its own eco-system. The specialism means something different to each business and is constantly evolving. Where priorities might look one way, they are always completely different just a few months down the line.  

I joined 3Search to support their growth in E-Commerce recruitment. The skillset is a perfect fit with the rest of the team and there is so much potential to offer further support for all of our clients. 

If over 10 years of recruiting in e-commerce has taught me anything, it’s that there are at least 3 – 4 different types of E-Commerce Managers. Knowing which one you need to hire is key to the success of the site.  

If you’re currently looking to build out your E-Commerce team, get in touch. I'd love to help you identify the type of hires you need to support your growth. 


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