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Are you looking for Communications jobs that offer greater working flexibility whilst still enjoying the same benefits as your current role? Perhaps you’re looking to take the next step and progress into a more senior position? We can help.

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Our recognised team of friendly recruitment professionals understand your industry. With an exceptional wealth of combined market knowledge, we have worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. By partnering with us, we can connect you with a range of exclusive communications and PR jobs.

From Communication Officers to PR Managers and Account Officers, we have an impressive history of successful candidate placements across various communications and PR roles at all levels. 

By adapting our recruitment approach to suit your individual needs, we can match you to a role where your skill set is fully utilised and has the opportunity to develop. So, if you’re looking for a communications and PR job that gives you the opportunity to work on communication strategies for a range of global campaigns, you can count on us to find your ideal communications job role.


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Right now, research shows the most in-demand Communications and Public Relations jobs are: 

At 3Search, we recognise that a PR job is much more than just advertising, issuing press releases and gaining coverage; it is a strategic communication process that builds trust between organisations and their audiences. Indeed, we understand the crucial role you play in utilising your extensive range of communication skills to establish trusted relationships. 

We realise the wide range of hats you wear within your communications role as you are responsible for strategically building a brand's reputation, trust, and credibility. As a PR professional, you develop strong connections with multiple stakeholders. Depending on the nature of your work, this may include journalists, the broader media, and government agencies. You utilise your connections and carefully tilt the spotlight onto your brand or client at just the right time.

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At 3Search, our approach to recruitment is simply different. Unlike other digital marketing recruitment agencies, we operate through a set of 4 core values. They are ambition, kindness, enthusiasm and respect. So, whether you are unsure which direction to go in or want to ensure you are receiving the best compensation for your extensive skill set, we can help.


The future of Communications and PR roles

The number of Communications and PR jobs are seeing a steady climb. This is especially true for emerging brands that need to educate and inform the public about a new product. This is where your skill set comes in. Your ability to strategically navigate internal and external communications with the right people is what makes you such an important part of the wider marketing team. 

Similarly, medical advancements, legal changes or new product launches is another area that is seeing increasing demand for communications and PR professionals. Communications experts build and facilitate connections, media and outreach that any business, large or small, can utilise to generate a greater revenue or increase their brand reputation.

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At 3Search, our approach to recruitment is unlike other digital marketing agencies. Instead, we are firmly rooted in our 4 core values. They are ambition, kindness, enthusiasm and respect. 

We treat everyone equally, whether they’re part of our internal team, an entry-level or senior candidate, or a client. We strongly believe that because of our human approach to recruitment, clients and candidates return to us at various stages of their journey.

So, whether you are unsure which direction to go in or simply want a recruitment partner that you can trust, we can help. Browse our latest communications and PR jobs below or speak to a member of our expert team now.

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Average job salary brackets

Considering whether a Communications job is the right career choice for you? Perhaps you want to ensure you’re being offered a fair compensation package for your skillset. Here is the current salary breakdown for Communications and PR jobs:

  • £18,000 - £24,000

£25,000 - £40,000

£25,000 -  £40,000    


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