3Search's work with Beam: March Update

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We’ve been working with crowding platform Beam to support homeless people across the country...

We’ve been working with crowding platform Beam to support homeless people across the country as they look for stable work.

Through donations we’ve made every time we place a candidate in a new role, we’ve been able to make a real difference during our partnership with Beam.

Here’s a look back on the amazing things we’ve accomplished with Beam across the last month.

Our impact

March was an incredibly busy month for us at 3Search, something we’re really excited about – meaning we were able to contribute an amount to Beam that we’re equally proud of.

This month alone, we’ve managed to donate a total of £1,950 to a variety of campaigns on Beam, all of which has gone to helping people who truly benefit from the support you provide.

This includes Mohammad, Aziza, and Darrion, who have all had their campaigns successfully funded and are all on their way to achieving their goals.

It’s always incredible to see the results of these donations and just how much they help people – so we want to thank our clients, who redeemed 61% of the gift cards that we sent to them this month. That’s a 20% increase from February!

We’re really proud to be taking action and striving to help homeless people get back on their feet and live independently. To see just how much of an impact these donations have, here are some of the stories from people that 3Search has supported in March.

Mohammad’s Story

Mohammad’s job search has always been motivated by giving back to others – and this includes supporting his partner and young child.

Evicted from his property after it was deemed overcrowded, Mohammad and his family were placed in temporary accommodation, where he continued to look for work.

He kept an open mind, and with the help of Beam, 3Search and the general public, he reached his donation target in just six days – and managed to secure a new role!

Aziza’s Story

Living with her youngest son in a London flat, Aziza was struggling to pay rent – before eventually facing an eviction notice.

While working part time as a cleaner and striving to complete an ESOL course, she simply didn’t have enough income and knew she needed to find new work.

However, her hard work and determination paid off. With the donations to her Beam campaign, she took advantage of a great opportunity and began working as a security guard!

Darrion’s Story

Darrion has dreams working in fashion and dance, envisioning it as an environment where he’d feel comfortable and accepted.

Knowing he’d need regular work to sustain his aspirations, he set his sights on something full time and stable.

With support from donations on Beam, he managed to pull enough money together to hit the ground running with a job – as well as for a Level 1 Fashion Course!

A huge thank you to our clients for redeeming their gift cards and helping to bring these donations to those who really need them.


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