Asking E-commerce Experts: What is the biggest challenge you’re currently facing?

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Over the past few years, the world has undergone unprecedented change spearheaded ...

Over the past few years, the world has undergone unprecedented change spearheaded by digital transformation. These digital changes have been experienced by e-commerce experts more than most.  

New opportunities bring new challenges and so this was the perfect time to ask our network of e-commerce experts to share the biggest challenges that they’re currently facing. 


What is the biggest challenge currently facing e-commerce experts? 

Our specialist e-commerce recruitment consultant, Adrian Ramaniconducted a very targeted survey, interviewing a small but brilliant group of e-commerce experts within the e-commerce community. Having handpicked over 180 e-commerce management experts, we asked them one very important question: "What is the number one biggest challenge you're currently facing in your role?" 

Respondents include E-commerce Managers all the way through to E-commerce Directors from fashion, luxury, jewellery, cosmetics & beauty, and retail & other D2C brands. Answers were largely based on career level and included recruitment & retention, tech resources and lack of e-com IQ in-house 

To see how each challenge ranks, the full results, and to receive our thoughts on how e-commerce teams and leaders can overcome their challenges, download the full report here...


How to hire e-commerce talent in 2023 

Our report reveals that the second most significant challenge currently facing e-commerce experts is recruitment and retention. We recommend preparing your recruitment strategies in advance to ensure that you can secure top e-commerce talent. 

To help employers plan their recruitment and retention strategies for 2023, we have put together our e-commerce salary guide. This guide covers salary brackets for both temporary and permanent e-commerce roles, allowing hiring managers to produce a full budget for the year ahead. 

Our full report, “How to Hire: What marketing recruitment will look like in 2023”, revealed that salaries rose by 20% between 2021 and 2022, meaning that employees hired in or before 2021 are now likely to be underpaid. Plus, with the cost-of-living adjustments taking effect salary will be a deciding factor in the job search and the cause for movement for many in 2023. 


If you're looking for more e-commerce recruitment advice, get in touch. 3Search is a marketing recruitment agency dedicated to delivering the best recruitment experience you will ever have. 

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