Our partnership with Beam: July 2023 round up

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Our chosen charity partner, Beam, is an organisation helping homeless people and refugees fi...

Our chosen charity partner, Beam, is an organisation helping homeless people and refugees find their feet. During our partnership so far, we’ve helped to change the lives of over 600 people - supporting over 300 individuals into work and over 150 people into housing.

Is your business looking for a charity partner? Director, Michael Judkins, is speaking on Beam's webinar on the 16th August to discuss how our partnership with the charity works - sign up here.

This month, we have raised a total of £1,300 helping Olena, Leslie and Dawson get one step closer to the life they have always dreamed of. Read their full stories below...

Olena's story

Life was good in Ukraine before the war forced Olena to leave her home country. Since then, things have been challenging for Olena and her daughter. Like many Ukrainians, she was left homeless and has had to constantly move between temporary hotels in unfamiliar places.

Olena expressed her gratitude toward everyone who has helped her and hopes for a world without war, where she can safely return back to her home country and live in peace. She also wishes for all the people finding themselves in this same difficult situation to find their homes as soon as possible. 

"Everything that happened to us during the year of our stay here is impossible to write in a few sentences, but feeling that we are not abandoned is worth so much in this difficult life."

Leslie's story

The cost of living crisis has hit Leslie hard and he is struggling to make ends meet, despite being about to retire very soon. His laptop is almost 20 years old and on the verge of giving up, but he cannot afford to buy a new one, making it more difficult when applying for jobs.

Leslie spent over 40 years working in a warehouse but cannot continue this due to feet problems. He is seeking a job where he can comfortably sit, such as driving, as Leslie has held a driving license for over 30 years. However, ageism is making it difficult to secure employment opportunities

Despite these challenges, he has not given up hope and is determined to find a job that suits his physical limitations.

"I remain resilient and optimistic, knowing that there is still potential for me to make a meaningful impact in the workforce before retiring."

Dawson's story

Dawson loves being outside and being active, and very much enjoys the work that he does. With a good attention to detail, communication skills and a hard-working nature, he will be successful in the working environment.

Having left school at 16, Dawson started working as an electrician on a construction site. He has started taking the steps towards getting his CSCS qualification, by completing his CITB but can't currently afford it at the moment. Getting back into work is going to be the first step Dawson wants to take to get settled. 

He is currently living in temporary accommodation. The housing situation was always stable for him up until a few months ago when a breakdown of a family relationship meant that he then found himself homeless.

"My dream for the future is to be in stable housing and in a job that I enjoy. Outside of work, I enjoy hanging out with friends, fishing, riding on dirt bikes; getting a job will give me more money to pay for the hobbies I enjoy. I'm really optimistic about the future, I already have a CV and a job waiting for when I qualify, getting this course is the only thing holding me back."

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A huge thank you to all of the employers we partner with for redeeming their gift cards and helping to bring these donations to those who really need them.

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Find out more about our work with Beam and partnerships with the wider community here.

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