March 2023 update: Our partnership with Beam

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As you know we have long been supporters of Beam - an amazing organisation helping homeless ...

As you know we have long been supporters of Beam - an amazing organisation helping homeless people and refugees find their feet.


During our partnership so far, we’ve donated over £40,000 to Beam which has helped to change the lives of over 600 people. For example, we've helped Ukrainian refugee, Olena, raise money to take part in an accounting course, and start building a life in the UK.


Sadly, people like Olena often lack a support network and the confidence to move forward with their lives. Through Beam’s platform, we can all play a part by sending encouraging messages that lift their spirits and spur them on.


Want to create life changing impact for Beam beneficiaries with just two minutes of your time? Click here to join 3Search's Beam community today, and send your first message! 

Our work with Beam in March, 2023

This month, we have helped Abu, Laura and Tom to get one step closer to the life they have always dreamed of. Read their full stories below...

Abu's story

Things have been really stressful for Abu for a while, as he has not been able to find a job or a stable place to live. He has three children, who are unable to visit him until these problems have been resolved. 

Abu has lots of experience working in warehouses, but his ultimate goal is to become a security guard, specifically in CCTV, due to his passion for helping and protecting others. Those that know Abu would describe him as hard-working and good at communicating with people, which also makes him a great fit for the role. He has been trying really hard to get a job in this field, however it is impossible without the funding for the qualifications. 

When Abu thinks about the future, he told Beam that he imagines a place where he can live with his kids, being a true family man again. 

"It honestly feels amazing that people want to support me, and one day I hope I am in a position where I can help others too."

Laura's story

Laura is currently working towards finding a bigger place for herself and her daughter. They currently share a very small one-bed apartment and Laura's daughter is at the curious and adventurous age where she really needs the space to move around. 

The home of dreams for Laura would be one that has a garden, as she thinks it's so important for children to get outside and play in the summer. She is also hoping to gain the independence and funding to take her on special days out.

As Laura loves spending time with her daughter, she finds it difficult being a single mum. It would be great to speak with more people her own age and make time for adult conversations. A job in retail would suit Laura significantly as she loves connecting with people and finds this extremely important. It has taken quite some time for Laura to get to a point where she was ready to take the next step and start looking for work; being a domestic violence survivor and leaving her ex-partner at 5 weeks pregnant, but has managed everything on her own ever since. 

"I really appreciate the support from Beam as I need a boost to get back on my feet. It is hard and sometimes my patience gets tested, but I want to push myself and give my daughter a better life."

Tom's story

Tom has been living with his mum and sister since he was born, but in 2022, things got a bit too much and he was asked to leave his family home. Drinking, smoking and a lot of cannabis was having a huge effect on his mental health. Tom's daily routine consisted of waking up unemployed with nothing to do, and smoking cannabis all day - he decided this was no way to live. 

Tom has been sofa surfing with family and friends since November, so would now like to get some independence and rent privately. It can be really hard to not have a base, and be moving around all the time, but he is confident he has a sustainable plan in place.

Tom's plan is to find a job as soon as possible to earn a steady income, and then he will be able to study part-time in the evenings or weekends to build on his career and next steps. 

"I've just started a course to get my green CSCS card to work in construction and I'd love to become an electrician one day."

Support Beam by working with 3Search for your digital recruitment needs

A huge thank you to all of the employers we partner with for redeeming their gift cards and helping to bring these donations to those who really need them.

3Search is a digital recruitment agency, working to create a force for good in every area of our work. As a result, we have built partnerships with organisations we believe in and help us give back.

Find out more about our work with Beam and partnerships with the wider community here.

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