Our partnership with Beam: May 2023 round up

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3Search have long been supporters of Beam - a wonderful organisation helping homeless people...

3Search have long been supporters of Beam - a wonderful organisation helping homeless people and refugees find their feet.

During our partnership so far, we’ve donated over £45,000 to Beam which has helped to change the lives of over 600 people.

For example, we've helped Ukrainian refugee, Olena, raise money to take part in an accounting course, and start building a life in the UK. Sadly, people like Olena often lack a support network and the confidence to move forward with their lives.

This month, we have helped Barbara, John and Hunan get one step closer to the life they have always dreamed of. Read their full stories below...

Barbara's story 

Barbara came to the UK to leave behind the abusive background she experienced during her early years. As a teenager, it was not an option for her to have freedom and just be herself, so as a single mother trying to provide for her daughter, she decided that moving to the UK would give both her and her daughter a new start.

Life has been incredibly difficult financially for Barbara, which only got worse since the pandemic. With previous experience as a professional negotiator, she has decided that the next step for her is to complete a postgraduate coaching qualification to help securing a job. Whilst living here, she has temporarily taken a part-time job as a carer to help fund the degree. 

“Any support you can provide me to help me purchase items I need to improve my future would be hugely appreciated. Thank you so very much.”

John's story

Finding work quickly is one of John's main priorities at the moment. He is looking to start work in a warehouse, where he has prior experience. 

The last few years have been very hectic and there's been a lot going on in John’s personal life. Going to prison meant that when he was released he had nowhere to live, resulting in sleeping rough and sofa surfing wherever possible to find a place to rest his head at night.

“Finding a job will give me the financial freedom that I need. When I think of the future, peace of mind is the most important to me. Having a place I can call home, a decent job and being settled are my main goals. I just want to get the ball rolling.”

Hunan's story

Hunan had to take some time off work due to his mental health. It was a tough decision, but a necessary one. However, during this period, Hunan also faced a second challenge of risking homelessness, which was a scary thought.

He is grateful to have the support of his GP and family. They provided the emotional and practical support he needed in order to keep going.

Now that Hunan feels more stable and ready to take on new challenges, he is determined to go back to work and improve his living situation. However, Hunan does need some support from Beam with his job hunt, as it has been a while since he was last in the job market. Any guidance or assisted would be greatly appreciated. 

"I'm hopeful that I can turn my situation around with the continued support of my loved ones, along with the determination and resilience I've built. I know there will be ups and downs, but I'm ready to face them head-on. It's time for a fresh start, and I'm committed to creating a better future for myself."

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A huge thank you to all of the employers we partner with for redeeming their gift cards and helping to bring these donations to those who really need them.

3Search is a digital recruitment agency, working to create a force for good in every area of our work. As a result, we have built partnerships with organisations we believe in and help us give back.

Find out more about our work with Beam and partnerships with the wider community here.

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