Our work with Beam: November update

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We are involved in an ongoing partnership with Beam, a crowdfunding platform to support home...

We are involved in an ongoing partnership with Beam, a crowdfunding platform to support homeless people across the country as they look for stable work.  


Every time one of our recruitment consultants make a placement, we make a donation to Beam on behalf of the employer, sharing the opportunity to donate to all our clients too. Knowing that we can make a difference within our community means a great deal to us here at 3Search. So, we thought we would share the highlights of our partnership with everyone…  



Beam’s 2022 highlights  


As we head towards the end of the year, we wanted to take the chance to highlight some of Beam’s fantastic achievements over the last 12 months and since their initial launch back in 2017… 


  • Beam have changed over 1,000 lives since their launch in 2017 – supporting 1,175 in total and counting. 
  • In 2022 alone, they have helped 422 people start work and supported 160 into housing 
  • More than £3.5 million in donations has been raised since launch  
  • They have launched a new service supporting refugees from Ukraine and Afghanistan into stable jobs and homes  
  • LinkedIn named Beam as one of the Top 15 UK start-ups  
  • Beam featured on the NatWest SE100 list of top 100 UK social enterprises  



Our Impact 


Throughout the period of the last month, 3Search managed to raise a total of £1,700 to donate to our partner, Beam! This brings our total for the year to £19,750! 


It is thanks to all our wonderful team and the clients we work with who make this all possible, and we are continuously grateful for that. It’s truly rewarding to know that the money we donate are directly benefitting a wide range of individuals and putting them in a better position for the future. Mirily, Kobby and Nataliia are just three of those individuals throughout the last month – keep reading to hear their stories.  




Mirily’s Story 



Mirily came over to the UK from Barcelona three years ago not knowing a word of English. Now, she has now built a happy life here, raising her 11-month-old daughter and watching her grow up.  


However, recent changes in housing alongside raising her baby have made times very challenging for Mirily. Despite having various housekeeping shifts, unfortunately she has not yet been able to find stable work to comfortably support her living situation, so came to Beam for help.  


With the generous support and donations from Beam, Miliry is a step closer to working in her dream industry of Human Resources. However, any role that would allow her to be happy and talk to people would be amazing.  



Kobby’s Story 


Having gone through a tough time of sleeping rough and ‘sofa-surfing’ as a result of family disagreements, Kobby has recently found a privately rented apartment and would love to secure an Admin Assistant role in order to pay the bills.   


Beam will be able to ensure that this goal becomes a reality for Kobby. His ideal situation would be to work in the IT sector, as this would allow him to make the most of his current skillset and do something that gives him genuine enjoyment. On top of this, Beam would be able to fund Kobby’s IT qualification, making it easier for him to climb the career ladder in the future.  



Nataliia’s Story  



Following the Ukraine crisis, Nataliia told Beam that she was met with overwhelming sincerity and kindness from the moment she stepped into the UK. Now, she has been living with a sponsor, but understandably, is extremely keen to find her own place.  


Leaving Ukraine and moving to a completely new country has been an incredibly challenging experience for Nataliia, although talking to her children everyday has been the source of motivation which keeps her going.  


Thanks to all the people who have made kind donations to Beam, Nataliia will soon be able to live in the UK, not only in her own place but reunited with her children again, hopefully for good.  



A huge thank you to our clients for redeeming their gift cards and helping to bring these donations to those who really need them. 




3Search aims to create a force for good in every area of our work. As a result, we have built partnerships with organisations we believe in and help us give back.  

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