Our work with Beam throughout September

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OUR WORK WITH BEAM: SEPTEMBER UPDATE  We’re partnered with Beam, a crowdfundi...



Were partnered with Beam, a crowdfunding platform to support homeless people across the country as they look for stable work.  


During the last month, Beam were ranked amongst LinkedIn’s Top 15 UK Startups List, naming the charity as one to “pay attention to”. Were really pleased to see the company grow and get the recognition they deserve.  


It means a lot to us at 3Search that we can make a difference with each and every placement and donation we make, redefining the role that businesses can play within a homeless society. Scroll down and read more about the lives our clients’ have made a difference in during the last month with Beam…  


Our Impact  


Throughout the month of September, we raised grand total of £2,150!  


We are so proud to of this number and want to take this time to thank our incredibly supportive clients and team members who make all of this possible.  


Juliet, Marya and Pedro are three of the many people who have benefited from our donations this past month, all of them a huge step closer to reaching their individual goals and career dreams 


Juliet’s Story  


Juliet’s housing situation has been extremely challenging recently for her and her two girlsFollowing a relationship breakdown with her partner, she’s been struggling to get herself together. 


Despite this difficult situation, Juliet stays hopeful knowing that there are good people in this world who want the best for her and are willing to give her a helping hand in order to eventually move past this period of her and her children’s lives.  


We’re pleased to say that thanks to the generous donations that have been made so far, the dream of moving into a new property and providing a safe space for her children will turn into a reality for Juliet in the very near future.  


Marya's Story 


Before getting the support from Beam, Marya was living in a single room with her 3 children and husband, whichsafe to say, was an uncomfortable and stressful experience for everyone involved. Alongside trying to tackle all the stress, tension and depression she was facing, finding somewhere affordable to rent privately on top of this was too challenging of a task to conquer alone.  


Moving into a new property will provide Marya and her family with the stability and happiness they both need and deserve. Beam’s support will allow them to start a new phase of their lives and give them hope.  


Pedro’s Story  


Family is everything for Pedro. That’s why safety and stability are two crucial factors behind Beam’s support. Pedro had been running his own business and working really hard to keep it going, when suddenly a major incident occurred on the premises which destroyed the property and closed down his business. When it closed, he felt that he had lost everything.   


This incident meant that Pedro’s children had to move in with a family member until he could afford moving out. Despite this tough experience, he didn’t want to let this get in the way of his high hopes.  


With the support of Beam, Pedro will be able to complete his dream of starting a career in gas engineering, allowing him to support his children through school, and ultimately ensuring they never have to be split up again.  



A huge thank you to our clients for redeeming their gift cards and helping to bring these donations to those who really need them. 


3Search aims to create a force for good in every area of our work. As a result, we have built partnerships with organisations we believe in and help us give back. 

Find out more about our work with Beam and our partnerships with the wider community. 


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