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Our Blogs

95 per cent of all presentations suck. That’s according to Guy Kawasaki, possibly one of Silicon Valley’s best known marketing experts. Presentations are, he says, too long, too boring and too cluttered. The result? They are totally ineffective.
Employee benefits are on the 3Search agenda as we start to grow. The topic of this blog might cause cases of déjà vu due to all the debates on the subject started by Richard Branson in September. Having only recently launched 3Search, we are keen to garner opinion as to whether it’s a benefit people genuinely want or a gimmick. I actually first heard of the concept when a good friend, Sebastian Haire, implemented it at We Are Dylan (another recruitment firm) back in 2010. It seems to have been normalised since then and the boys at 3Search are keen to adopt it as we feel it fits in perfectly with the culture we’re trying to create.
Employers are increasingly pre-screening candidates via phone interviews before face-to-face meetings. What are the secrets to making the right impression on the phone? More and more businesses are using telephone interviews to pre-screen candidates before scheduling a face-to-face interview.
3Search reflects on lessons learned, and future plans, as we celebrate our first birthday. So we’re all a little heavier (a combined four and a half stone in fact – not pointing any fingers), a little greyer haired, and a lot more sleep deprived, but 3Search has successfully emerged from its first full year not just alive, but thriving.
The hardest part of interview prep is anticipating which questions you’ll be asked and knowing the best ways to answer. To help, here’s our guide to answering the seven most common questions.
3Search isn’t about to take on Gok Wan as the UK’s biggest fashion advisor. To be honest, we never thought we would write a blog about dressing for an interview. Yet, as the flexible dress code trend spreads, it is becoming one of the most common questions we are asked by candidates during their interview preparation. How, then, to decide what to wear to a job interview?
3Search’s summer intern, Andrew Longstreet, shares his thoughts on how an internship can help give your career the kick-start it needs So, you’re a recent university graduate with a good degree, a well-written CV, and the know-how to give a great interview. All that, though, could be meaningless if one crucial element is missing: practical work experience. But how do you get the practical experience you need to get on to the first rung on the career ladder? You get an internship.
Most jobs are never advertised publicly. In fact, it’s been suggested that as many as two-thirds of all new openings are filled via the so-called ‘concealed’ jobs market. How, though, can you make sure that you’re part of this marketplace and not missing out on new opportunities? Simple: networking.
Ever struggle to concentrate on the task in hand? Often feel distracted by all of the media around you? Find yourself endlessly procrastinating? We’ve found five experts who think they can help!
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