Digital marketing salary guide 2024

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Introducing our 2024 digital marketing salary guide! Available...

Introducing our 2024 digital marketing salary guide! 

Available to download now, the report includes our digital marketing recruiters’ expert knowledge and data from over 1,200 survey respondents. Our comprehensive salary guide can support your recruitment needs. Whether you want to grow your digital marketing career or need to build out your team with top-tier talent 

Digital marketing recruitment trends in 2024 

A staggering 67% of digital marketing professionals told us they will be searching for a new job this year. In 2024, employees are less worried about job security, contrasting what we saw in the 2023 job market. There are a number of reasons for this change, which we explore at length in the full Annual Pay & Hiring Report. 

The demand for digital marketing roles is skyrocketing, but so is the demand for talent. With 64% of companies preparing to hire in 2024, the competition for digital marketing professionals will be strong this year. So, how do businesses beat their competitors and secure the best talent on the market?  


Why does salary benchmarking matter?  

Benchmarking your digital marketing team's salaries is key for attracting and retaining top talent.  

Our survey reveals that pay remains the biggest consideration for employees. 16% of survey respondents shared that pay is the most crucial factor in a job search. Plus, 45% of employees switched roles in pursuit of higher pay in 2023Offering competitive compensation is not only vital for securing new talent, but also retaining your existing digital marketing talent. 

To make sure your pay packages are competitive with the market average, we recommend downloading our digital marketing salary guide. Here, we detail the average salary ranges for various digital marketing job titles, encompassing everything from Digital Marketing Assistant through to Digital Marketing Director. Plus, we have included permanent pay ranges and day rates, so you can plan for both permanent and contract digital marketing recruitment. 


Key factors for Digital Marketers’ job search 

What else drives digital marketers in their career pursuits? Here are the top five factors: 

  1. Pay 
  2. Flexible working policies 
  3. Culture 
  4. Location  
  5. Career development opportunities  

For more information on how to optimise your recruitment strategy with these factors in minddownload our full report today. 


How to structure the optimal digital marketing team 

Digital marketing teams can be comprised of a wide variety of marketing skill sets. From CRM through to social media management, it can often be difficult to know which areas to invest in first. 

We asked leading Chief Marketing Officer and Non-Executive Director, Mai Fenton, which skills she would look for in 2024For her advice and more, download our digital marketing salary guide. 


Searching for more salary brackets? 

Our 2024 Annual Pay & Hiring Report includes salary data across a spectrum of digital and marketing roles and sectors. Click below to find the salary information you’re looking for: 


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