Product Management Salary Guide 2024

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Our 2024 Product Management Salary Guide is available to download now! &...

Our 2024 Product Management Salary Guide is available to download now!  

We’ve combined data from over 1,200 salary survey respondents and our expert product recruitment consultants’ knowledge to create this guideWhether you’re searching for your next Product Management role or looking to hire talent for your team, our latest product salary guide can support your unique recruitment needs. 



Product recruitment tends in 2024 

Our 2024 Annual Pay & Hiring Report revealed that 67% of employees are planning to search for a new role this year. When looking at just our Product respondents, this number rises to 73%. We explore the reasons for this in our full report, which details the recruitment trends expected to see throughout the year. 

However, it's clear that Product Manager jobs will be in high demand this year and so will Product talent. 64% of companies plan to hire in 2024In fact, we expect to see this number increase, with so many employees looking for a new job. 


Why is salary benchmarking important? 

To support your attraction and retention plans, it’s incredibly important to benchmark your product management team’s salaries.  

Our survey revealed that pay is the most important factor in Product Manager’s job search. 16% of employees rank salary as the most significant factor and 45% of employees left their role for higher pay in 2023. As a result, pay will be key to retaining your current team as well as beating your competitors for top Product talent. 

Our salary guide reveals the average salary for every job title you might find in your Product management team. From Senior Product Manager all the way through to Head of Product and Director of Product. We have included both permanent pay ranges and day rates, so that you can effectively plan your product recruitment needs. 


What are Product Managers looking for in their career? 

Here are the five factors that are most important to Product talent when searching for a new role. 

  1. Pay 
  2. Culture 
  3. Flexible working policies 
  4. Career development opportunities 
  5. Location 

For more information on each of these benefits, download our full report here 


Which skills should Hiring Managers be searching for? 

When hiring for Product Managers, these are the skills you should be searching for according to Product Leaders: 

  • Creativity 
  • Communication 
  • Adaptability 
  • Commerciality 

Read more of our predictions for product management in 2024 here.


Frequently Asked Questions 


What is the average salary of a Product Manager? 

The average Product Manager salary is £70,000 - £90,000. However, this can change depending on business size, sector and years of experience. For example, a more experienced Product Manager can ask for the higher end of that salary bracket before moving up to the Senior Product Manager job title. 

For more in-depth information about Product management recruitment, upload a vacancy and start working with 3Search today. 


What is the highest paying industry? 

Salaries vary based on company size and sector. Overall, our report revealed that professional services, financial services and technology companies offered the highest salaries. 


Is Product Management a well-paid career? 

According to our report, Product Management professionals were the third highest paid. Marketing professionals took the top spot, followed by ecommerce talent. 


Searching for more salary information? 

Our 2024 Annual Pay & Hiring Report includes salary information across all digital and marketing job titles and sectors. Click below to find the most relevant salary information: 


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