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Hi, my name is Lucy Austin Hannaford and I recruit junior to mid-level marketing roles into property and professional services businesses.

In my time at 3Search, I have worked with a range of businesses from boutique developers to the Big 4 consultancies.

Having studied and worked in marketing, myself, I have a strong understanding of how marketing teams operate. This means that I'm able to provide up to date, relevant advice that will help businesses in their growth.

“I find the recruitment environment really rewarding.”

I love taking a consultative approach to my work and being able to help companies find talent that will elevate their brand.

Property in general, is pretty open to hiring outside of their industry but if you are looking to make the move into property marketing, it’s important to know why you’re interested in the sector. Go to your interview prepared with the latest industry news to show your passion for property.


If you’re looking for your next role in property or professional services marketing, get in touch. I'd love to hear from you.

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