2022 roundup with Beam

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We're proud to have donated over £40,000 to our charity partner, Beam!  We are inv...

We're proud to have donated over £40,000 to our charity partner, Beam!  

We are involved in an ongoing partnership with Beam, a crowdfunding platform built to support homeless people across the country as they look for stable work. 


For every hire made with 3Search, we donate a gift card to employers to donate to Beam and make a difference within the homeless community. Beam have made some fantastic achievements during the past year. If you'd like to read about these, take a look here

We're incredibly proud to have donated over £40,000 to this brilliant cause. This is an incredible milestone and we're extremely proud of every penny that is contributed. We very much look forward to continuing this partnership throughout 2023 and beyond. 


Last month, we were able to improve the lives of three individuals: Wayne, Alixe and George. Keep scrolling to read their stories: 

Wayne’s Story


Wayne has been working in the construction industry for many years and absolutely loves the hands-on nature and highly social atmosphere of the job. His dream would be to get his CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) card so he can get back to doing what he loves as soon as possible! 

Outside of work, Wayne enjoys playing in the pool league on a weekly basis, competing, and spending time with his family. He has a twelve-year-old child, therefore family is a huge pillar in his life. 


On top of losing his job, the current cost of living has increased Wayne’s debt and worry for his family’s well-being. With the generous donations and support from Beam, Wayne will be able to get back to doing what he loves without worrying where his next meal is coming from and ultimately get his life back on track.   


Alixe’s Story

Alixe moved into temporary accommodation with her two daughters, however, the place is almost falling apart. Her goal is to get a job as soon as possible so she can move her and her family into a new home - one that feels like home too. 


Having experience in hospitality as a Sales Assistant, Alixe would love to find a job as a Customer Assistant or similar in the sales world as talking to people is something she enjoys the most. 


Similarly to Wayne, family is everything for Alixe so to provide them with the best quality of life possible is the ultimate dream, which can be made possible thanks to all the incredible support from Beam and generous donations made. 


George’s Story

A few years ago, George found himself in a position where he lost his home, leading to the loss of his job too. For a couple of years, he has slept on the streets and sofa-surfed to get by, however, he has now been placed into some temporary accommodation. 

Now that life is gradually on the up again for George, he would love to get trained as a security guard, CCTV operator, or similar.

"Knowing that you're supporting me helps me stay positive about what's possible in the future." - George. 



A huge thank you to our clients for redeeming their gift cards and helping to bring these donations to those who really need them.

3Search aims to create a force for good in every area of our work. As a result, we have built partnerships with organisations we believe in and help us give back.

Find out more about our work with Beam and partnerships with the wider community here.

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