January roundup: Our work with Beam

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We have an ongoing partnership with the charity, Beam, a crowdfunding platform built to supp...

We have an ongoing partnership with the charity, Beam, a crowdfunding platform built to support homeless people across the country as they look for stable work. 

Throughout the month of January, we have raised £2,550 for this wonderful charity, starting the year off strong. We aim to continue this momentum throughout the rest of 2023 and beyond. Beam had a fantastic year last year, making some great achievements thanks to their supporters. If you'd like to read about these, take a look here

Last year we donated over £40,000 to this brilliant cause and it is something that we are extremely proud of. 

For every hire made with 3Search, whether it be contract work or permanent, we give a gift card to employers to donate to Beam and make a difference within the homeless community.


Throughout the month of January, we were able to help three individuals: Chinwendu, Tetiana and Stephen.

Keep scrolling to read their inspiring stories.

Chinwendu's story: 

After having her daughter five months ago, Chinwendu has been struggling to balance the pressures of getting back into work alongside being a single mother. She's now on the lookout for a new job to support her childcare expenses. 

Before she became pregnant, Chinwendu loved working in a care home where she supported vulnerable adults with disabilities. It was an extremely rewarding role and fitted her friendly, warm attitude. She also has experience working as a lab technician, so working in the NHS would also be an extremely appealing option. 

Dancing to African beats with her daughter and listening to music is how Chinwendu spends her free time, which she would be able to do a lot more of once she’s in a more financially stable position thanks to the generous love and support from Beam. 


Tetiana's story: 

Tetiana is a single mother from Ukraine who was forced to leave her country when the war began. She had to save her daughter but lost everything in the process: their home, their friends, her job and any sense of normality. 

Moving to a new country, whilst dealing with post-war trauma was a real challenge for Tetiana, only having a part-time job to finance a deposit and rent payments. On top of this, English is not even her first language. 

The ultimate dream for Tetiana is for ‘the war in Ukraine to end and for people to stop dying.’ The continuous support of the people around her inspires Tetiana and provides strength to go on to accomplish new things. This is such a significant change in both Tetiana and her daughter’s life and it is comforting that they are not alone in these changes.

Stephen's story: 

Stephen moved to the UK in 2022 due to the war in Syria, travelling here to find a better life and support his family from abroad. Despite the difficulties that came alongside this change, including learning the language, he can communicate much more confidently now.

Looking for work, however, has proven extremely difficult, with little success in being able to secure anything. With the goal of improving his chances, Stephen enrolled on an ESOL course to improve his English.

In Syria, Stephen worked as an accountant and he would ideally like to return to the same line of work. But for now, any skills that encourage building on communication skills would be amazing. With support from Beam, Stephen would really like to find employment as soon as possible and improve his overall living situation and quality of life. 


A huge thank you to all of the employers we work with for redeeming their gift cards and helping to bring these donations to those who really need them.

3Search is a marketing recruitment agency, working to create a force for good in every area of our work. As a result, we have built partnerships with organisations we believe in and help us give back.

Find out more about our work with Beam and partnerships with the wider community here.

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