Communications and PR salary guide 2024

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Our latest communications and public relations salary guide has been created from data sourc...

Our latest communications and public relations salary guide has been created from data sourced from over 1,200 salary survey participants combined with the expertise of our specialist recruitment consultants. Whether you're initiating a search for a communications or PR role or seeking to enhance your team with top-tier talent, our salary guide serves as an invaluable resource.   

Trends in communications and PR recruitment for 2024 

Our 2024 Annual Pay & Hiring Report reveals recruitment trends for the year ahead. An impressive number of individuals are gearing up for job searches this year. 67% of employees have shared that they will be looking for a new role.  

Plus, with 64% of businesses intending to hire in 2024, there is a clear optimism for the year ahead. For more on 2024 recruitment insights, read our full report here. Challenges will come with this demand for talent, and businesses will be competing to attract the very best talent available. 

Why benchmark what you are paying communications talent?

With so many businesses looking for new talent in 2024, it’s never been more important to benchmark your communications team’s salaries.  

This is especially true when 45% of employees left their jobs last year for better pay. Offering competitive salaries is key to retaining your current team as well as attracting new employees, with 16% of survey respondents telling us that pay is the most important factor for a job search in 2024. 

To support your hiring efforts, we’ve included every job title you might find in your communications and PR teams in our salary guide. You’ll find permanent salaries as well as day rates in the guide, so no matter how you hire, you’ll be prepared. 

What is the average communications salary in the UK? 

The average salary of a Communications Manager in London is £50,000 - £70,000. Pay ranges vary based on industry, location and level. For more personalised salary information, reach out to our communications and PR recruitment team

Further salary information

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