Digital designer salary guide 2024

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Introducing our digital design salary guide for 2024! Unlock invaluable insights with o...

Introducing our digital design salary guide for 2024! 

Unlock invaluable insights with our latest design salary guide. Using the data from over 1,200 salary survey participants and our expert design recruitment consultants’ knowledge, we’ve created the most comprehensive report you’ll ever need.  

Whether you're searching for your next creative role or looking for designers to join your team, download the guide today. 

2024 trends in design and creative recruitment 

Our 2024 Annual Pay & Hiring Report has revealed new trends for digital design and creative recruitment. For instance, a significant 67% of employees are preparing for job searches this year. There are a number of reasons for this growth. Find out more by reading the full recruitment report. 

Why salary benchmarking is crucial for talent attraction 

Salary continues to be the most important factor in a design job search. Our survey revealed that 16% of respondents prioritise compensation above all else, with nearly half having made career moves in 2023 for increased pay. It’s clear that offering competitive salaries isn't just advisable; it's key for retaining top talent and attracting new hires. 

To support your recruitment plans and continue hiring into design teams in 2024, download our salary guide! We've included every job title you might find in your digital design team, including brand design, UX/UI and graphic design. Plus, we’ve added both permanent full-time salaries and contract day rates. No matter if you’re hiring permanent or on an interim basis, this guide can support your design recruitment plans. 

How much are designers paid in the UK? 

On average, London-based Digital Designers are paid between £30,000 - £40,000. Salary will vary based on location, years of experience and industry. Our salary guide can help you prepare and edit your search based on these metrics. Plus, for more support, get in touch with our expert design recruiters

More digital and marketing salary insights 

3Search is one of the best digital and marketing recruitment agencies in the UK. We support a variety of businesses across all skill sets you find in those teams. If you’re interested in more salary data, you can access the latest information below: 

Start hiring Digital Designers with 3Search 

Now you’re ready to start recruiting, get in touch with 3Search by uploading your job description. Our digital design and creative recruitment consultants are on-hand to deliver the best recruitment experience you will ever have. 

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